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Tips on How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

23 Jun 2017

Writing an essay is a complicated and time-consuming process. It doesn't matter where you study or work, but sooner or later you will have to face this kind of work. It only sounds difficult, but if you figure out the system for creating this type of essay, the process of writing will become natural and exciting. No matter how talented you are, you won’t be able to write an essay of this type without knowing the “recipe.” You should be a ofware of all the components, structure, format.

Of course, you can't sit like this and start writing, first of all, draw up an outline. Here you’ll find out everything you need to perform a perfect 5-paragraph college paper.


What is the format for a 5 paragraph essay? It is a format of a paper, which comprises five paragraphs. On the one hand, a structure of this assignment assumes special structure. But on the other bodies, this format is one of the best because you can follow structure step by step and not wondering what's the next.

It is consists of one introductory paragraph, three bodies with arguments and thesis, and concluding one.

You can be almost free in your choice of style. It can be narrative, cause and effect, argumentative, persuasive and many other methods.


Thus, what should you fill in the paragraphs?

We already know that this type of essay contains three kinds of paragraphs: introduction, three body, conclusion. Of course, they include some information, therefore let’s find out, what type of information.

  1. Introduction (you need to interest, attract attention): tells the reader about your topic.
  2. Body part: each of them must contain at least one argument and thesis.
  3. Conclusion: summarize. The main "ingredient" of your work is the topic, choose carefully. Choose the topic that you know well enough, to write about it. And bear in mind the main formula - "thesis + antithesis= synthesis.”


Let's look at the structure.

First paragraph (introduction)

Three-five sentences will be enough. Start your essay with the hook sentence. From the context, you can understand that it is the sentence that grabs the reader's attention. For this aim, you can use jokes, rhetorical questions, examples, and stories from your life. Your introduction should contain a thesis statement (formula of the thesis statement - “topic + opinion + three discussion points"). Formulate thesis statement.

This statement is a bodies of the topic. It must express the basic idea. For example: "Volunteer work teaches high school students self-discipline, mutual assistance, and leadership." A topic of the essay is volunteer work, expressed opinion is that it teaches self-discipline, mutual help and leadership, and three main points, each of which needs to be substantiated - self-discipline, mutual support, and leadership.

Body paragraphs

Each of them should contain an argument, and the argument, in turn, is based on the thesis. Highlight three main theses. It means that each paragraph is built according to the "thesis + argument" scheme. Be sure to include examples to prove your theses. Start with the most convincing arguments. Include in-text sentences-bundles. Transition to each subsequent should be done by using a logical link.

Structure of each paragraph:

  • Intro sentence (1),
  • Supporting Argument,
  • Explanation (3-5),
  • Concluding Sentence (1).

Construction of intro sentence (short detection of your argument), supporting argument and explanation (disassemble the topic in detail by using arguments, evidence, life situations), concluding sentence (summing up of information).

Tip: put your arguments in such order (strong – weak-strong).

  1. First. The topic of the paragraph must be mentioned in one of the first sentences. Usually, in this paragraph, the author puts the strongest and the brightest argument of the whole work.
  2. Second. This paragraph contains the weakest argument, but sometimes we can see another order of the arguments. The beginning should be connected logically with the end of first one.
  3. Third. It is better to finish the body of your essay with the strong argument.

Conclusion (fifth paragraph)

3-5 sentences will be enough for this part. In conclusion, the main idea and three theses should be reflected. In the first sentence of your conclusion take your main argument, paraphrase in an assertive manner. In such way will show that your opinion was “proved.” In another sentence, you’ll conclude your supporting arguments from each paragraph of the body. Pick out the main points.

Three sentences will be enough, one sentence for each body paragraph. To make your essay “brighter,” add something unexpected.

For example, rhetorical question.


At Custom writing service you can find some examples of the topics for five paragraph essay. 5-paragraph essay topics are not limited to anything, as anything can be discussed in this type of article.

  1. Fast food is negative for health.
  2. The influence of television.
  3. Destiny of our planet.
  4. Natural disasters.
  5. Contemporary art.
  6. Types of advertisement.
  7. Climate changes.
  8. My first teacher.
  9. Feelings and emotions.
  10. The best city in the world.
  11. Economic Power of the US.

Of course, it is not easy to learn all the nuances and details of writing this type of the essay immediately, therefore practice as much as possible. Don't forget to reread your work and correct grammatical and spelling mistakes. Check how smoothly and logically the thoughts are stated.

Make sure that each paragraph supports the main idea of the essay, and that you don't evade topic. If suddenly you can’t write, then don’t force yourself, better rest a little.

Take enough time to make a plan and structure of the essay before proceeding with actual writing.

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