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Are you one of many college students struggling to learn how to write college student essays?

01 Dec 2016

Many high schools are not able to prepare you for writing student essays which meet the expectations of your college professors.  After several years of grading thousands of papers, I found many common tactics of writing that make it easier for you to meet your college professor's expectations and win A+ result for your essay writing.

Here are seven tips to keep in mind while writing college essays:

  1. Carefully Read your college essays' assignment Sheet. Over 10 to 15 percent of student essays are downgraded just because students are failed to understand or follow their professors' directions. Figure out attentively what actually your professor wants you to write in the student essays. Ask for clarification of the question in your mind.
  2. Discuss the plan of your student essay paper with them and assure if you are following the directions. 
  3. Find appropriate and creative topics for your student Essays. Students are failed to brainstorm to furnish a creative topic. I remember once I assigned student essays on International coverage of Media on some current affairs, and over 50 % of student essays were on North Korea. You definitely need to stand out from other students and write your essay on something unique and creative.The best way is to write something that interests you otherwise student essays will only suck you. If you are not sure about how to select the topic then visit your professor or have some useful tips on how to choose student essays topics for free.
  4. Prepare a proper outline. Most students never write an outline for their essays, while their professors always an emphasis on this. Well, organized college student essays always win high grades and without an outline, it is impossible to be organized. An outline for student essay doesn’t mean to be the detailed and very formal outline. You may also deviate from your outline during writing your student essay.
  5. Collect the ample evidence for your claims in the essay. In student essays with claim I mean the statement of fact and evidence is material in the support of that claim. For example, if any student essay is on a claim that Child leukemia can be caused by Hot dogs you have to prove it with some medical reasoning, statistics, a survey or quote from a credible pediatrician, or some examples. While supplying the evidence for the support of your claim, be careful with supplying isolated examples especially in student essays. For example, if you are giving an example of your cousin or any other relative childhood leukemia is the effect of the cause of eating too many hot dogs, then you are not providing strong evidence to back up your claim. 
  6. Write a compelling introduction. Start student essays with an attractive anecdote, a startling statistic, fear or reward appeal, imagination or anything which motivate the reader and draw him into your student essay paper. A creative introduction will always let you stand out from the crowd of other student essays.
  7. Write a clear thesis statement describing the preview of the student essays

Simple, clear, strong and unique thesis statements are the road map to winning student essays. For example, a good thesis statement can be Economic challenges facing three Canadian Provinces, Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba. Then if your essay describes and provides the information about the economic challenges of three provinces in stated order, it means you have won half the battle off. A good student essay must not deviate from the thesis statement.

If you find yourself helpless while writing student essays, you can find help on your campus. Find tutor center, remedial courses, writing center or any other resource in your college, you need to seek it out to take help for writing student essays.

I hope reading this article has provided you a great comfort to start writing any student essay, but if you find difficulty for topic selection, then click here for essay help

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