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Abortion Essays

05 Aug 2017

Regardless of the author's view on the topic, writing an abortion essay should (at least) briefly outline the opposing view in a neutral and scholarly manner. As with any other paper, an abortion essay is an academic research paper and, controversial or otherwise, the topic of any research paper must be discussed from a diplomatic standpoint; that is to say, unless the instructor specifically requests that the student incorporates his or her own personal feelings, as with an argumentative essay, both sides of the issue should be researched and presented in the paper.

Whether the student is indeed writing an argumentative essay or not, source material needs to be included in order for the paper to meet appropriate scholarly standards. For an abortion essay, good material can be obtained from places such as psychology and medical journals, controlled studies and law journals. It is important to ensure that the sources the student picks are taken from reputable publications that do not skew the statistics in favor of one side and are not affiliated with a particular group or party. Every source used must be thoroughly academic and must not contain controversial viewpoints or material.

Regardless of whether it's an argumentative essay or a topic overview, the quality of the paper and, subsequently, the grade earned is going to suffer dramatically if the source material used is anything other than above reproach.

Abortion essays are, by nature, something that many students find intimidating to write; even the students who feel very strongly about one side of the issue may discover that defending their point of view on the topic with current, accurate, unbiased and scholarly reference material problematic. The search for such material can take a great deal of time and searching through the data for supporting information can be confounding.

Additionally, one of the main objectives in writing any paper, including an abortion essay are to present appropriate, factual material that is informative, supports the paper's hypothesis and is of interest to the instructor, so creating a balance between preparing an interesting paper and the paper's academic components should not, in any circumstance, be neglected. A paper is a piece of scholarly, academic work that contains facts that are documented in an appropriate citation method; taking a sensationalist approach or neglecting to adequately respond to the other viewpoint is not acceptable behavior in an academic setting.

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