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Sample Graduate School Admission Essay

07 Aug 2017

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” -  Booker T. Washington

This quote has long been one of the most important sources of  inspiration in my life.  Aside from bidding sound advice, Washington also alludes to how powerful an influence each person can be in another person’s life.  It is not only important to surround yourself with good people and avoid bad company, but it is also paramount to make your own self-exemplary of a person of good quality.  This is the reason I want to pursue my graduate studies at the Prairie View A&M University College of Business.  I feel that Prairie View is the best environment for surrounding myself with good people and for my own formation into an even better person who can be a positive influence on those around me.

Washington’s quote resounds loudly in me because I share the same beliefs.  

My primary aspiration in life is to obtain a PhD in management and, ultimately, become a professor at a top-tier historically black college and university, like Prairie View A&M.  I believe that education is one of the principal means of sharing who I am and what I have to give to others, as I strive to be that person of good quality and help others become better people themselves.  Achieving an MBA degree from Prairie View A&M will be a major step toward my aspirations and goals in life.  Aside from having an excellent business school with an outstanding MBA program, the institution is also a prominent historical symbol as Texas’ second oldest public institution of higher learning established to educate a diverse student population.  This falls right in line with my goal to teach in a historically black college or university.

Business plays a central role in our lives, in society, and in the way that the world continues to develop.  Business and the effects that ripple out from it have a strong effect on the human psyche and how we live our day to day lives.  Even in the context of the economic crisis we are suffering, we can see that business is cardinal, affecting practically every aspect of our lives from pricing and income, to employment and consumerism.  To be a positive and meaningful influence on the business minds of today and tomorrow is my perennial goal.
Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have both of my parents in the household to raise me.  This was quite different from the family background of many of my other friends, but it is something I am deeply grateful for.  

My parents played an active role in my formation, and there was one thing that they always emphasized and encouraged in my life: education.  

They helped  foster in me an attitude of passion, dedication, and discipline toward education that drives my ambitions.  Even more importantly, though, it is precisely that passion, dedication, and discipline that I wish to impart on others through my MBA education at Prairie View A&M, and my role as a future PhD-holder and professor in the field of business.

Outlined used for this Essay:

I.  Most inspirational quote for me

I started the essay with my favorite quote from Booker T. Washington, “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company” because of the following reasons:
1.  It reflects what I want to achieve in life.
2.  The quote discusses the importance of good company, good quality people, and the effect that one person can have on another.
3.  The quote helps explain that I want to be a good person who can positively affect those around me, and that Prairie View A&M is an ideal educational environment for fostering the right qualities and characteristics in me.

II.  Further explanation of the quote on a more personal level, going over how it ties in with my aspirations

In this part, I discussed my aspirations to obtain a PhD in management and to become a professor in a HBCU.  I also discussed about Prairie View A&M as a top-tier HBCU and, hence, makes for the perfect place to get training, education, and experience.

I explained my view of education and its major role of shaping people.  Becoming a teacher is the best way for me to share everything that I am to help others reach their full potential. This part also talks about how achieving an MBA from Prairie View A&M is a major step toward becoming a teacher and affecting other people’s lives in the best possible way.

III. Explanation of my personal perspective on business and why I have been inspired to succeed in business

This part tackles the following topics in relation to my desire to go to a business school:

1.  How business affects practically every aspect of our lives
2.  How the economic crisis is a perfect example of the effect that business has on our lives – This is also an adversity that I have had to overcome, because it’s difficult going to college in these tough economic times.
3.  How my perspective on business has contributed to my passion to become a teacher who can be a positive and meaningful influence on the business minds of today and tomorrow

IV.  Conclusion about how my parents inspired me

This is a short passage about how my parents have helped to foster my appreciation for education.

This part also points out the following topics:

  1. Having two parents really helped to have a stable home, which many of my friends weren’t fortunate enough to have.
  2. How my parents always emphasized and encouraged education, passion, dedication, and discipline, which had a great impact on me.
  3. My goal is to instill in others the same passion, dedication, and discipline that my parents instilled in me.

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