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Excellent Personal Statement to Guarantee Your Admission?

07 Aug 2017

When writing your personal statement, make sure you know what exactly the admissions panel is looking for in a candidate. Generally, the admissions committee is in search of applicants who have the commitment, capacity, and moral fiber to pursue an MBA degree. The admissions committee would know right away if you are just getting into a program that you think you are interested in and will eventually be short of finishing it, or if you are the type of applicant to pursue the degree and really finish it till the end.

That is why you really need to craft an excellent personal statement to guarantee your admission.

Ideal student vs. the real you

When writing your own personal statement, the admissions panel will look for the real you and not what is perceived to be the ideal applicant. They are looking for potential students who can easily fiddle with the new learning environment they are thrown into.

The admissions committee, of course, would want to produce graduates who will later on emerge as leaders or achievers.

Exceptionally high grades vs. life experiences

You don’t have to detail your academic achievements to guarantee a winning personal statement. What is most important is that you first establish a connection between you and your reader. This will definitely grab the attention of your reader and will eventually lead to a liking, which could play a very significant role in your application. Remember, the admissions officers look beyond high grades and academic achievements.

They are also now looking into the ounce of motivation and determination a student has in dealing with life experiences.

Finding the right mix

A sure tip for a winning personal statement is balance. Achieving the right mix between being the ideal student and the real you amidst life experiences is the best concoction for getting into the school of your choice. Having singled out all your academic credentials, skills, and achievements and matching them well with your determination and persistence will truly give you the homerun to your dream school

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