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Architecture and Design Paper Topics

15 Dec 2016

Architecture is one of the major courses in engineering and visual arts, which is divided into two parts: Architecture practice and Architecture theory.

There are two schools of thoughts in architecture; one deal with history- means the students of this school of thought study the history of architecture and by referring to history, they start working; on the other hand, the students of another school of thought  don’t refer to history and focus more on their creativity and fantasy. 

Architecture Writing

At the end of an academic career, architecture students have to submit a dissertation, regarding their study to attain their degree. It is one of the professional essay assignments that they have to submit individually at a higher level, which is divided into three sections: topic selection of interest, sources for data collection and dissertation writing.
For architecture students, writing a dissertation on architecture is a much difficult task especially when it comes to selecting a topic.

It is necessary that the topic you choose is feasible in nature and easy. Architecture students must follow the format of writing a dissertation, which includes an introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, and conclusion.

Following are some architecture topics, by which students can easily take help

Symbolism in architecture
• Corporate architecture
• Sustainable shopping mall
• Space for orphanage
• Hospice hospital healing through architecture
• Urban Park
• Spaces for disables
• Blob architecture
• Experimental richness through architecture
• Light in architecture
• Flexible learning spaces
• Sustainable research center
• Children development through arts
• Youth centre
• Architecture and Psychology 
• Sustainable campus design
• Relationship between architecture and Aesthetics
• Glass in architecture
• Portable architecture
• Intercity bus terminal design
• Culture centre
• Community center design
• Architecture and environmental limitations

It is necessary before start working on a topic to share and get it approved by your professor. Take assignment help from reliable write my paper resources and ask your instructor for his/her suggestions.

After getting it approved, the next step is to gather all the relevant information from our custom writing resource.

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