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Effective Coursework

19 Jun 2017Essay Samples

Explain why it might not always be equitable to judge a written argument, based on whether or not it changed the readers opinion about the subject.

What should determine whether an argument is well written or not? 

It is unfair to judge a written argument based on whether or not it changed the readers opinion about the subject, because an argument can be good, whether or not it changes the reader’s opinion. A well written argument is supposed to help you make sense of what the writer is saying. You can read a good argument paper, but if you as the readers is firm in you opinion, then there is no way, that it can change your own opinion on the subject, unless you want it to.  

A good argument is more than just opinions. What matters is not the side you take, but how well and how strongly you support your views.

The thing that determines whether an argument is well written or not, is how well your opinions are supported by the facts, surrounding the argument. You must be able to distinguish between fact and opinion.

A well written argument presents your case effectively without forcing the reader to choose sides. You want them to be informed, not turn off your readers. A good argument is usually one where you encourage your audience to think objectively, and look at your argument objectively.

A good argument is defined by how well you support your opinions with the facts.

#2 Summarize the six rules for correct comma usage

Then write a paragraph, containing at least one example of each of these rules.

The six rules for correct comma usage state that commas should be used to set of introductory words, phrases and clauses. Commas should be used to join items in a series. Commas should be used in names and dates. They should also be used with direct quotations; direct quotations are defined as an exact repetition of the words that someone speaks or things. Commas should be used around interrupters.

An interrupter is a word, phrase, or clause inserted into a sentence to give more information about some element within the sentence. Commas are used to join independent clauses. 

An example of commas that is used to set off introductory words, phrases and clauses is: Instead, Van decided to take the summer off. An example of commas used to join items in a series is:  Cats, dogs, and lions scare some people.

An example of commas in names and dates is: The woman’s name tag read, “Juliet Brown, MD.” Commas with direct quotations example: “I think I know where the house is,” Mother said. Commas around interrupters example: The man, ran, shouting, toward the woman.

Commas are used to join independent clauses, an example of this is: I do not feel well, and I am going to bed.

#3 Analyze The Author

Referring to the assigned essay, `Should College Athletes Be Paid? ` analyze the author’s use of argument to communicate the ideas in the article. Explain how the author supports his argument. 
The author’s argument is very convincing. The author does not just state their opinions; they provide the facts and the scenarios, which paints a clear picture for the audience. The author makes his position very clear from the beginning, he thinks that it is unfair for college athletes not to be paid.

He cites examples of  NBC paying Notre Dame, 38 million for exclusive rights to five football seasons. 

The author thinks this is unfair to the athletes and thinks that they should be compensated. It is not enough the writer states, that they are given free tuition, books, room and board. The writer argues that they need to be compensated in some way for their efforts.  The author clearly supports his arguments, with examples and noted that he is not the only one up in arms about this gross abuse of the players.

Other coaches, administrators, journalists and even the athletes themselves are not happy with the way athletes are being treated. The book written by Walter Byers is used as an example of how the players are exploited. The author also provides historical information, when he makes reference to the fact that players used to be provided with a stipend in some cases, to do their laundry among other things. I think the author presents his argument very well.

#4 Explain why the characteristics for writing an effective paragraph also apply to writing an effective essay. 

The characteristics for writing an effective paragraph also apply to writing an effective essay, because in order for your essay to be effective, your paragraphs must be effective. Your paragraphs must show coherence and flow properly.

The flow of the paragraph must be smooth, with thesis statements and the appropriate topic sentences. 

The topic sentence always provides a thesis link by mentioning the general subject of the essay. Just like when you write an essay, the supporting points are listed in the thesis, with topic sentences following the same order, just like in a paragraph.

In order to write an effective essay, your writing must have direction, it should not wander all over the place, it must stick to the points, while at the same time, setting the course the paragraphs must follow.

For an essay to be considered effective there must be unity within the paragraphs, between the main idea and supporting points. Their must be coherence, which entails ideas being logically connected and easy to follow. Last but not least, all topic sentences must have the necessary supporting points to ensure an effective essay. 

#5 Discuss how the body paragraphs of an essay are structured to provide unity, support and coherence. 

The body paragraphs of an essay are structured in such a way as to make it effective. The first thing that a writer has to do is make sure that each part fits perfectly. The sentences must all fit together perfectly to support the thesis. If one sentence is off the mark, it throws the whole essay off the mark.

Each sentence within a paragraph must be structured in such a way that it is easily understood. Coherence must be achieved between each paragraph, in order to build strong, solid connections between paragraphs and ideas. To achieve this you must make sure your ideas are set down logically, that they relate to each other and that they are well thought out. To achieve this aim, transitional words and expressions are sometimes used.

Each point made must provide support to the topic sentence, so as to bring clarity and understanding to the reader. If an essay is not structured properly due to the paragraphs, lack of unity and coherence, it will be a problem and the audience will not be able to connect with what the writer is trying to say.

This can be avoided, it the writer takes the time to focus on each thought and idea, and expresses it in a clear and logical manner.

#6 A Source of Information

Discuss the criteria a writer should evaluate when considering a source of information and justify the need to evaluate. 
A writer should always evaluation a source when considering a source of information.

The writer should look if the source is one that matches with what they are looking for. The length of the source should be looked at. It should be checked to make sure that it covers all the major points within the article. The readability of the source is always a big issue, because in any article you can expect to find unfamiliar terms and words and concepts that are new. If you are still confused after reading the article, then that is a source that should be discarded. 

The publication date of the sources is to be carefully evaluated. The publication date lets you know how up to date your sources are. In certain fields such as medicine or computer, it is imperative that up to date source are found.

The author of the source needs to be identified also.

It needs to be established if the author quoted and consulted credible sources.

It is important to evaluate your sources, so that your assignment can be done correctly, and that the information gathered is presented in such as way as to the readers a keen insight into what you are trying to say. If sources are not evaluated properly, you run the risk of having an article or a written assignment not being done properly. The importance of evaluating your source is very important. Evaluating your sources gives credibility to your work.

#7 Write an Article Summary

Explain how you would proceed through the five steps for writing an article summary. 

In writing an article summary there are five steps that need to be followed. The first step is to choose a topic and find sources of information. A topic may be assigned by the instructor or you may be asked to choose your own topic. The first thing about choosing a topic is that you should choose one that is interesting and where information is readily available on the topic of interest. The next thing is to find reliable sources for your information. You can use databases, cd-roms and the internet to help wit your research.

The next step is to evaluate the sources.

You will want sources that are reliable and suitable for the topic, chosen to summarize. You should look at the length of the paragraph, the readability, the publication date and the author.

The next step that is very important is to read the article thoroughly, do not just skim the article or else you will not get a full understanding of it. You should highlight the main and major ideas that the author is trying to convey. Next the example and supporting details should be looked at. Then information for the works cited list should be found and cited.  The next step is to draft the article summary, which starts with an introduction and body paragraphs.

The last and final step of this process is to proofread and cite the appropriate sources.

#8- Article Summary

Write an article summary on the WPA plagiarism statement, making sure to paraphrase, use your own words, and quote where appropriate. Please also provide an end citation as you would for an MLA reference page AND an APA reference page.
Remember just a summary of the article...

Summary of the WPA Plagiarism Statement

Plagiarism has become a growing concern among teachers and administrators. They want student’s work to reflect their efforts and the outcomes of learning. But this is becoming much harder, with the introduction and easy access to the internet that many students have. Plagiarism is when someone else uses language, ideas and other original work without acknowledging the source.

Common causes of plagiarism come about when students are too lazy to document their sources, or they are afraid that they will fail the class and have the view that cheating is unimportant. On the other hand, the student just might not have the knowledge needed, to know how to properly cite the sources they use.  

On the other hand some instructors assume that students already are familiar with how to cite sources appropriately.

It is both the responsibility of the student and faculty to make sure plagiarism does not happen. Students should be encouraged to see research as an opportunity for genuine and rigorous inquiry and learning. They should learn the proper way to cite documents and acknowledge sources appropriate to the fields they are studying.

Faculty should focus on assignments that facilitate and encourage students to learn, not just recycle information. The syllabus should state their stance on plagiarism and the necessary action that will be taken if work is plagiarized. The faculty also has the responsibility of reporting possible cases of plagiarism to the appropriate school authorities.

Administrators need to put programs in place that publicize and emphasize the intuitions stand on plagiarism.

Support should be established to help those who have questions or need help in citing sources accurately. Opportunities should be provided to train faculty and help them combat this problem of plagiarism.

Some practices to develop to combat this problem of plagiarism, is to explain to students and develop clear polices to address the issue. 
Faculty should work to improve the design and sequence of assignments. Students should be able to practice finding and documenting sources the proper way. They should be taught the difference between the misuse of sources and plagiarism.

Their should be guidelines set for appropriate disciplinary action.

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