How to Write an Argumentative Essay

June 29, 2017

This piece of writing belongs to the tasks of a questionable character. These texts teach people to realize their personal position and to formulate an opinion in any situation.

The Greek word “problem” means “complex, a serious task that needs solving.


An argumentative essay – is a type of monolog speech, which aims to speak about his (author's) thoughts on a particular issue or problem to find the answer and to persuade other people to act in the same way. Thus, the conclusion and the result of such work is the answer to this question (direct or implicit) and a solution of the problem.

Of course, the decision, and the answer would be subjective because they are only the authors of the text. This is the main aim of this kind of work: the text just highlights the author’s position to define his personal view with the help of thesis statements and author’s detailed research. Taking into account those two points, author’s observation would be full and confirmed. 

The argumentative essay is predominantly controversial nature because most of the problems do not provide definitive answers or solutions.


The argumentative essay gives an opportunity the author to reveal his own thoughts on a given topic and bring sound arguments to convince everyone in his rightness. If you consider all the core points and observe a proper plan of the composition, you will not have any problems with its writing. 

How to start

If you up to write the argumentative essay, you have to be ready for extensive research of magazines, papers, media, literature, surveys – everything which can be useful for your task. Your task is to prove your position, therefore you have to choose a side you are on. Then you have to include some reasons, which demonstrate that your position is really worth to be the right one. And the last important thing is evidence that supports the reasons.

How to end

Under the conclusion of writing, it’s necessary to accentuate that it has to confirm the correctness of the thesis. In general, you just repeat the point made at the beginning of the composition, but of course, differently. The conclusion has to be compact. You have to keep the strongest ideas for the ending, that will persuade others that your research work wasn’t in vain. Thus, logically the argumentative essay should be completed leaving no doubt as to its intent.


The argumentative essay has the same structure as other types of essays. It has a thesis statement, an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. But the body paragraphs are wider, and they include the main thesis. 

1.Thesis (introduction)

You support expressed, deny expressed, except expressed, complement and develop an opinion. Thesis preceding arguments. 

2.Arguments (body part)

You give two relevant evidence to justify the reason or confirmation of the thesis that connects it with an example. 

  • an example from literature or other arts

You give one relevant example from literature or other arts. The specified issues raised in the book, character, through which the problem is solved, title and author of the work, a quotation is also may be given.

  • an example that is historical fact or event of the life

You give one relevant example from history, or social life or your own life.

3. Conclusion 

It corresponds the expressed thesis and follows from the arguments and examples.

It’s important to emphasize the logical connection of all elements of the structure. It proves that thesis examples confirm the correctness of the arguments. It means that when put forward two abstracts, you need to argue each of these two reasons and choose examples to each. Thus, you have to express your thoughts clearly and concisely.

How to conclude an essay?

The conclusion is a core point of the whole essay, therefore it must be effective. Any additional information should be given, it’s better to highlight the information being used in the main part. Also, you may show a short discussion of more research that should be completed in light of your work 


Let’s imagine that you were asked to write the argumentative essay on the topic “What is human happiness.” Note that such kind of essay has a specific structure. At first, make a plan of your future work:

  1. Introduction (2-3 sentences).
  2. Thesis (briefly articulated response to a question that underlines any theme).
  3. Arguments (at least two – they are usually offered in the task).
  4. Conclusion (4-5 sentences).

For example, the introduction to your essay can be:

Happiness … How many people ever tried to find it, dreamed about it, were looking for it! Perhaps as much as mankind exists. Where is it, this long-awaited happiness? 

Then formulate a thesis:

The ancient Greeks said: “If you will not do it for yourself, then who will? But if you do it just for yourself, then what for? “I am convinced that only a harmonious combination of spiritual and material can fully enjoy life and make everyone feel happy.

As soon as thesis was formulated, we argue it citing examples from the literature (and should specify the problem, excited writer called work and character through which solved the problem, possible to quote), historical facts or events of life.

Now the conclusion.
Thus, each person has her own understanding of happiness. But the person is happier if shares it with others.


Before you begin writing this essay, you need to decide what you would like to convey to the reader what your opinions and beliefs according to a given piece would defend. Make a detailed plan that will reflect the essence of your work. Or you can use custom-writing service!

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