Comparison and Study between Macbeth and Othello

July 31, 2017

Both “Macbeth” and “Othello” are studies of the nature of ambition and envy taking precedence within the human nature. These darker forces of human qualities bring some of the most of complex themes and processes within the fabrication of lives.

These forces affect and take lives coming out of the seed of one and spreading towards many. “Macbeth” and “Othello” are thus two sides of the study of the similar themes hiding within the human recess. In “Macbeth” the seeds of ambition get propelled by the outer forces or the convincing threads of the supernatural acting even stronger through the leading, ambitious trails of Lady Macbeth. Herein lies the current of the power relation between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, where Lady Macbeth is seemingly the leader of the role that seduces Macbeth to his political ambition, lie the whole pattern of the male ego clashing the female temptress nature.

Though Lady Macbeth comes from a victim of her own chasing ambitions as well, the entire domination of her temptation that calls Macbeth’s manliness and the real meltdown of his human qualities is a very vital point of the play. His false sense of manliness cloaks the guise of his weakness.

So the theme of the yin-yang bonding of these two characters is a very important one in the study of the tragedy.

Even though Lady Macbeth’s initial intentions belied the very acts that followed from her, the unfolding of the play has revealed her to be a complete victim of circumstances than a false leader of her ambition as she assumed herself to be leading her to suicide being burdened of guilt.

“Othello” on the other hand is also a proof towards his manliness and egoistic fulfillment of the vanity of the main character. This is also a fulfillment and cloaking of the false vanity of the male ego. Here the protagonist is not led by the female but draws her into the guilt trap and there is characteristic contrast between the relationship of Othello and Desdemona as compared to Macbeth and his wife. Both these Jacobean plays follow the theme of being a protagonist of the Aristotelian tragic theme.

Both protagonists come from high or noble birth and dig their own way to grave by carving out their own downfall under false assumptions and being blinded by superficial and outward orders.

Their illustrations show a flawed link to their judgment. There are different characteristics that have been mentioned throughout the order of the two plays that draw in the common relation with the characters and their themes. Though placed under very different settings, the tragic heroes follow those spiraling down pits that bring their own closure and lay down of their moral responsibilities. Both come to the trap of being murderers of the innocent.

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