How to Write a Good Case Study Analysis?

April 13, 2018

If you are a student of medicine or law, you will get a task of writing a case study analysis. Businesses also use reports about certain things or people to demonstrate general examples as well as to promote their products and services in a professional manner. To build strong public relations and increase reputation of companies marketing managers must learn all aspects of creating a precise, readable case analysis.

To explain what case study analysis is in layman’s terms see a definition below. Our top writer who regularly deals with this type of content provides it:

An investigation of a particular issue, search for all possible solutions, and offer of the best one to resolve the problem.

Still, on the subject of college papers, newbies to case study science look for the information on how to write case study analysis or try to find a sample template. Our writing staff has developed a custom template that can be used by students as a skeleton for their personal works.

Case Study Analysis Template: How to Start, Write, and Finish Your Paper

Understanding Issue. Before getting started, take a close look at what you have: focus on points of concern, general facts. Once you have figured out all public knowledge, you are able to define 2-5 most important issue, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do those problems emerge?
  • What are their effects?
  • What or who caused them?

Having all the answers? Now you can proceed to finding out solutions. You can defer to experience, look through additional sources with relevant information, and revise what you have learned about this subject during the college course.

If you have collected several solutions, pick up the one you consider to be the best.


You have all data required, and currently, you can start drafting your paper. Here are the parts your case study must contain:

  • Introductory paragraph where you have to state your issues. Represent here your thesis statement in one or two sentences.
  • Background data – provide relevant research results to show readers how deeply you have investigated the issue.
  • Alternative ways of resolving the problem – list all ways to crack the issue that you found, explain why you have rejected these ways, what their disadvantages are.
  • Best solution – offer the best way out. It has to be a workable solution, not something that you consider to be helpful theoretically. Explain your point of view and provide strong evidence to your opinion.
  • Guidelines – specify some recommendations and steps to materialize solutions into action.

Completing Analysis of Case Study

Review the draft you wrote. Check it out for grammar and spelling mistakes as well as for missing facts, arguments, or evidence. If necessary, rewrite the text; add what you consider missing and important.

15 Sample Case Study Topics

  • Below is a list of sample topics to study and write your investigation on:
  • How to launch a crossover in the European market?
  • How to launch the brand in Canada?
  • How to remain the top five of the toys industry?
  • How to organize a sponsorship operation?
  • How to succeed in the window market?
  • Direct and channel selling: what is the best?
  • Wal-Mart culture.
  • Supply-chains management: current issues.
  • Case study on Samsung.
  • Business opportunities for brands in the Eastern Europe.
  • How industries use social media?
  • Social media and FBI.
  • Disney’s advertising strategy.
  • Twitter for promoting goods.
  • How luxury brands use Facebook?

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