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Essay – Compare And Contrast

26 Dec 2016

A very simple topic can be used to illustrate this custom essay – Boys and Girls. Now, you can take two subjects and write down their similarities and differences.  Similar essay layout, as usual, will be utilized in writing this custom college essay.

Let’s start brainstorming, which is an effective process to find similarities and differences between two subjects and input into your custom essay.

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Having a good mind mapping, you could start your essay anytime. Draft a fantastic introduction to introduce both subjects and attract readers. Usually, this custom essay topic is already attractive in itself. Readers will wonder how the write will be going to write about it. Therefore, the good opening will be easier to hook readers’ attention to continue their reading.

As your readers start sparking their interests, writers should employ some unique points to keep adding on or at least maintain the attractiveness of your custom essay. Anyway, the organization is particularly crucial, in order to avoid confusion.

You can plan your points in either of following two layouts:

Point to point: You can compare and contrast different elements of both subjects in each paragraph of your custom essay.  For example, both are human beings, having emotions and feelings. However, they have biological differences. You can note that the first similarity is the first difference.
Paragraph to paragraph: Or else, you can use one paragraph solely to say about one subject first. And, write the second paragraph for the second subject. It would be indirectly compared and contrast your subject in your custom essay body.
For example, both are human beings, having emotions and feelings.

They are growing up through the same process – study and work. (Paragraph 1) However, they have biological differences. A quote “Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Mars” proves that their mindsets are also different. (Paragraph 2)

Another writing way

Either way, will result in a structured custom essay format. Otherwise, you can also choose to compare only similarities or to contrast only differences between both subjects. As long as there is consistency within one essay, your readers would not kick your essays out.

Above explains what is compare and contrast, through a writing guideline, to help you understand how to write this custom essay well. Custom writing essay is always the entertaining choice to attract readers.

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Essay is always chosen to entertain and attract readers. One of them is compare and contrast. It is about the similarities and differences.

Either point-to-point or paragraph-to-paragraph, you can easily organize them into a good structure.

Your readers would not be confusing, yet feel interesting to continue read on it. A good opening, with unique points, is the extra mark. A different way to do it will be only compared or contrast the particular subject.

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