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How to Create a Thesis Statement

21 Nov 2016

Have you written a profound essay but are not sure that somebody will be interested in it? A laconic summary of the main claim of the essay or research paper should be presented in form of generally a single sentence called a thesis statement. It is a must to create a sound thesis for your work. Being without transparent thesis amounts to driving without a road map in a new city.

By using it, a potential reader knows what to expect from the rest of your paper.

Without an appropriate thesis, your argument may turn out to be uninteresting, weak, and lacking in direction. A well-constructed thesis will offer your reader a guiding light in the sea of claims and evidence of your essay. As a result, your argument will take a stand on an issue. How to create a thesis statement which can stimulate your readers to think “This is a remarkable statement! Let’s see if this author can convince me!”? As a thesis is the result of a thorough thinking process, it is not so easy to create it right.

If you are pressed for time and face some difficulties in generating strong thesis statements the best solution will be to entrust it to our professional custom writing service. When you are armed with the best thesis statement help, the demand of explanation the value of your essay will disappear. Check out the nuts and bolts of the thesis creating process.

Find the Appropriate Format

When you watch a great film trailer, it will surely encourage you to see the full version of the movie. This is as it should be with a thesis statement. A great thesis accomplishes the same function as it gives you the basic idea of the paper. It is required to place the main sentence near the beginning of your paper. Write the persuasive argument at the end of the first paragraph.  The following body of the essay will perform the function of gathering and organizing evidence. It should persuade the reader of the logic of your interpretation.

Consider basic citation rules such as MLA style. Use parenthetical citation when referring to the works of others in your paper. It is also helpful if you want to use some particular citation in your thesis.

In a nutshell, there are two key moments when creating a thesis. At first, you inform the reader of the SUBJECT of your essay or research paper, then of your OPINION of the topic. In addition, organizing the information using some basic formulas can help you to keep the thesis within the acceptable length. The following formula reasonably holds your ideas:

(Something) (does something) BECAUSE (reason(s)).

 BECAUSE (reason(s)), (something) (does something).

Use Thesis Statement Example

Thesis statement examples will get you started on the road to writing a great essay or research paper. To make the process easier find one strong thesis statement example which can serve a template for your further work.

Be Specific

Remember that it must be something that readers could logically have different opinions on. For instance, if the topic of your paper is on healthy nutrition, you might be asked to choose a particular organic product to evaluate. Here are two thesis statements:

There are some negative and positive aspects of eating whole grain bread.

This is a WEAK thesis statement as it fails to take a stand. Moreover, the phrase «negative and positive aspects» is ambiguous.

Because whole grain bread contains a lot of fiber and delivers essential minerals, it is the best substitution for whole wheat bread. -

A specific thesis is always a STRONG one.

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