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Creating an Impact on the Readers of Your Papers

07 Aug 2017

When writing your admission essays, it is very necessary that you start your essay with great impact while ending it with a big bang at the same time. But, how well you will create an impact on your essay depends on your introduction. Introduce your essay with a very strong introductory paragraph with which you will create a content that should have depth. This will keep the interest of your readers to read on your article until the end.

Your readers as one of the most important factors when writing your essay

Always consider the most important factor when writing your personal statement, the admissions panel. Make sure you instantly establish a connection with your readers, after which you maintain that interest to lead them until the end of your personal statement.

Creating a strong impact on your readers

Start off by writing a very strong opening statement or a line with a good and catchy introduction that will grab the attention of your readers. What's more important is to be able to hold the interest of the readers until the end by using that same impact.

You should make your introduction just about one paragraph to display a deductive nature. In other words, leave the rest to your readers to keep them reading on. Sustaining the interest of your readers is very essential if you really want to take that first step to your dream school.

Other tips in creating an impact on your readers

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Aside from using the usual strong opening statements to create impact and, therefore, draw your readers into the essay, you may also use in your opening statements some questions, quotations, and anecdotes to create an impact on your readers.

However, you must be careful because most of the time, the opening statement sets the tone for how the essay will go. Therefore, always make sure your introduction complements the rest of your essay.

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