What is Death?

June 22, 2017

Death relates to two things which probably make this a term a doubtful one. The first condition is the ending of life and the other can be one in which a person feels that the life is over. Both refer to death in one or another manner. If we further think over the conditions, we can come up to a conclusion that the concept of “ending of life” is also an unclear idea. Now the question is why? When a person comes in this world, it is very obvious that the life is immortal.

Eventually a person dies and their lives fade away until and unless they are fully gone. This entire process is expanded to a certain period of time. Although this is true that the fact of death can be explained the concept of threshold, i.e. a certain limit is determined for the life, so that an adequately considerable death of life have got to take place sooner than bereavement takes place. Therefore death or ending of life, both can be said as a complete process or exclusively to its especially preceding part — the loss of the exceptionally final outline of existence.

Consequently death can be a condition, the procedure of extermination or death, or the end (concluding achievement) of that progression. In all the senses, death can be differentiated in a ton different ways.

There can be a lot of different causes for one’s life to end up; they can be from a natural death or a forceful death, such as an arrow being shot. 

The Eternalness of Death:

As mentioned above, death is a blurred term in two ways. Now what makes it blur?  The first step to death, that is life, itself has an unclear view. For example, if a robot is constructed, giving it all the features of a human being. Let’s say its name is ABC 5.

Now ABC 5 has all the physical and mental attributes of a person.

So does that make him alive?

To some extent, we may consider the fact that the robot is alive but this alternative is not legislated by the idea of life. To the level that we are bewildered concerning what life demands, we will be mystified regarding what is involved by the finishing of life or in other words what actually death involves. If we talk in with respect to our example, what would be death for the robot?

Will it die when we switch it off or when we disable it?  On the other hand, it appears to some extent undetermined whether a short-term nonexistence of life would be sufficient for passing away, or whether death necessitates an everlasting defeat of an existence. For sensible rationales, at whatever time an individual loses life the situation is everlasting; therefore, ‘death’, as frequently used, could do with not to be susceptible to the dissimilarity among the impermanent and everlasting conclusion of one’s existence.

The other aspect of life was a temporary death. Temporary death can be a loss of live which would later be retrieved after some time; this could be a paralysis or a coma.

Suppose that if a person is stuck under something, let’s make it frozen ice, and then later it is revived. For the time it has been buried under the ice, the individual was dead. The idea would be very catchy of telling that I was alive while was under the pile of frozen ice— I am in a condition of balanced simulation. Or envision an innovative piece of equipment that decreases me to detached atoms which it stores and later on are reconstructed in the same manner just as they were previously.

Death is the fact that cannot be denied by anyone no matter whatever is the cultural and religious background of the person is, but there are commonly two main idea of the life after death, few people thinks that our body will be returned to us after sometimes sin some other place which is somewhere other than this world, other thinks that we would continue living without our bodies and would live as souls.

The first belief expresses the idea of death as  life after  our body decomposes while other is all about our souls departing from the body, but the basic fact remains the same that nobody denies the fact that one day we all have to die eventually.

Stages of Death:

When it comes to deal with the fact that somebody has died, it often quite tough to digest it, and there are certain different ways through which they accept this fact. In the first stage, few people live in ignorance that their loved ones are still with them and are out for some period of time, others who does not ignore the fact that they are dead and won’t ever come back, denies the fact that they are sad or have any sort of grief and they emphasis on other things of life and try to live happily.

The second stage can be of angriness, the fact that someone who used to go along with you all your life has passed away and now you have to carry on your life without him/her, or perhaps you knew someone from a long time and you get used to him and you suddenly lose him, and the feeling that someone was here and has gone and would never come back makes you burn in rage.

The third stage is when you really start digesting the fact that someone has died and you start fighting with the fact, and you think how it would have been if it were you who left the world and not the person you loved so much, and how he/she would have reacted or survived with the fact that you left the world leaving him/her behind.

The next stage is depression, knowing that someone is gone forever is depressing, and the period and the intensity of depression varies from people to people, few people find it easy to forget about the past and live with the present, while others are reluctant to accept the fact and they suffers from insomnia. Few people also need medications to get over the state of depression and start living a normal life. A person may be depressed for few days or some weeks, or it may continue to be in depression for all his life.

The final stage is the acceptance of death, accepting this fact is quite hard when someone passes away, even if you don’t know the person who has passed away, it gives you strange shivering and a sad feeling, and if the person who passed away was someone you were close to, then it takes a lot of time to come into normal state and the pain and grief of it is unlimited.

You also face this regret or in some worst cases frustration that you couldn’t stop your loved one from passing away and you couldn’t do anything to stop him and bring him back, and you will always miss the person whenever you’ll do the things associated with him even after a long time of his/her death (John M. Reigle, 2003).

Dealing With Death:

Dealing with someone’s death is an experience which is so strange and nobody wants to suffer and go through it, it’s like when you are swimming in high tides and you jump over the high waves right on time and suddenly you find yourself in deep ocean with your nostrils full of water, and when you try hard to get out of the situation you find yourself more trapped into the situation but sometimes when you let yourself free then you see how quickly you come up the water floating over it, dealing with someone’s death is quite similar, what it actually requires is the trust and confidence in you.

All it needs is self confidence and trust in one’s self to cope with the difficult situations such as death, usually death is associated with the questions such as “why me?”, or “why so early?” so one has to keep himself patient and know that whatever happens, happens for good and we may not know it now or sometimes never why it actually happened (Therese A. Rando,  1991).

When it comes to death, everyone knows that someday he/ she has to die for sure and this is the only thing in life which is 100% guaranteed and this is something human cannot tackle or fight with, but few believes that it is just our bodies that leaves us and our souls are eternal and would live till the end of universe since our spirits are immortal and forever.

Few people amongst us would feel that death is the end of everything but we don’t know what plans god has made for us, as bible exclaims God has placed eternity in our hearts, perhaps this is the reason why our body suffers aging but we still feel young from our hearts. May be god desires us to live with him eternally and that is why we are born, spend our lives and die one day and it’s just the process in which our spirits leaves the body and continue to live eternally forever and ever.

Dealing with death is influenced by what Jesus Christ said to us, and also if the son of god can die for our sins, why do we fear death, according to Jesus, one has to die to come into eternity where people will live with him forever and ever, and since everyone has to face death, then why fear it or deny the fact or ignore it. It’s just how we spend our lives states our final destiny after death, but if we believe that Jesus is our final savior and we spend our lives according to his teachings then why should we fear that, we should be happy indeed while we die that now we are moving a step towards infinity and the probation period is gone and it’s time to get the rewards of our good deeds from god.

Therefore death must be a celebration as if it’s a permanent homecoming (Jennifer Green and Michael Green, 2008).

As human beings start to think about the eternity they will be in future, lots of things comes to mind and queries relating to life after death, how it would be, when we depart from this world and leave our loved ones behind, would we be able to meet them someday in that eternal life that Jesus promised?

But not everything is revealed to us from God, all we have to do is think about those things that are in control of us and let the decision be left on god knowing that Jesus is our savior and all we have to do is follow him completely.

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