How to Write a Ph.D. Thesis

December 19, 2016

A piece of writing that has vexed graduate students for centuries is that of the doctoral dissertation. It is distinguished from master's level work which is called a thesis.

The dissertation must be a completely original piece of research in the student's chosen field. The two levels of research required for the dissertation are primary and secondary. Primary research is original work based on the collection of data that does not already exist. Secondary research is sometimes called tertiary research and is based on already existing documents.

These can be from a wide range of sources including published materials, journal articles, unpublished dissertations and theses, and audio or visual presentations. All data must come from credible sources, and here is where the Internet has begun to play a dubious albeit critical role in graduate research.

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Writing Skills

An unfortunate reality of university education is that most academic institutions expect students to have strong writing skills, but professors and teaching assistants have no time to teach these skills. If you have not availed yourself of your institution's skills development services, then you will have a huge quandary to resolve. A buy dissertation online is not like any other essay or piece of writing you've ever completed. It is, by its very nature, the most original piece of work you may ever create. The dissertation does not simply require you to repeat your data in written form.

You are expected to analyze this data and provide insights into the ramifications of this information. 

An analysis of your data will require either a quantitative or a qualitative approach. The first focuses on measurable properties, numerical data, and uses statistics to develop a more detailed understanding of the data. Some researchers will employ a mathematical model or a theory. Quantitative research implies that you provide a hypothesis and then support it with your data and analysis.

A qualitative approach tends to be far more subjective. It tends to be used in academic fields such as Social Anthropology, Sociology, and other social sciences.

The crucial aspects of a successful dissertation are that you approach it as the practical document that it is, take great care to ensure all your citations are 100% accurate, that you are completely familiar with the citation style required, and that you submit drafts of your work while it is in process to ensure that you are on the right track. Doctoral dissertations are not meant to sound like a novel or popular book but as the expression of your academic research. It is the culmination of all your studies, the accumulation of knowledge, and your ability to elucidate on a highly complex topic.

Many graduate students find themselves perplexed by complicated citation styles such as APA or Chicago/Turabian style.

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The latter uses a series of endnotes and footnotes which often frustrate even the best student. If this is the case, then sometimes a professional custom writing service may be the answer. A trained, experienced writer will know these citation styles and can support you in pay for dissertation request that will pass the critical eyes of your committee.

As with other pieces of writing, the dissertation should be completed in stages.

Take your time with this piece. A rushed dissertation is likely to fail and this only leads to frustration. You should plan meetings with your dissertation adviser to ensure that all the components of the final document are included to their satisfaction.

This is not about pleasing yourself, but pleasing them. If you are unaccustomed to working with a professional writer, it can be a very pleasurable experience. They are trained to meet your specific needs, and they create a piece of writing that is of the highest academic standards. In this way, you conduct your own research, and you develop all the ideas, but someone works with you to create a polished piece of academic writing that will earn you the coveted Ph.D.

Many graduate students balk at writing their dissertation. It is the stage which the greatest number of doctoral students fail to complete.

They end up as ABD's for the rest of their career, or 'all but dissertation'. These students never earn their actual degree, irrespective of the fact that they have completed all their coursework, examinations, and research. All too often, a doctoral student stalls due to the fear of writing this key piece of work.

A writing service eases these difficulties.

You empower yourself by working with someone who has written at this level many times before with a record of success. In this way you are ensured of a beautifully custom written dissertation that will stand the test of time.

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