How To Begin An Essay: From Quotations To Definitions

December 26, 2016

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If there is one thing that every academic writer will have, it is by knowing how to start. This is the part most people would be struggling. Aside from the fact that not all people would be able to come up with the idea immediately, it is really an advantage for a writer to start the article with an end in mind. This would mean trying to suggest a solution set the mood of the reader. Once the reader will get it, they would find it intriguing and start to browse in one’s piece. However, there are some steps to start which will keep the readers engage towards the essay. It may sound very easy for some people.

But not all writers are gifted with an idea. 

It must be nurtured by further reading in order to get the best part of it. In this way, the essay will not only be having a good impression, it will also make readers enthralled as to what is something on it.

Prepare the Ingredients

When it comes to establishing one’s thought, it should be likened to cooking. Preparation must come first. But that does not mean that preparation should be the first thing to do. However, it should be laid before anything else should be prepared. That would mean putting the outline first. This would mean creating in one’s mind the thing that would really fit for the piece. By doing so, it will save the writer’s time to compose one’s mind and at the same time make it a lot better for composition.

The ingredients for a perfect writing would include quotations from different authors. These are established lines that would arouse the interest of the viewers.

These quotes are necessary in order to get the interest of the reader and to make them read more on the essay. However, it should not be the most obvious quotes as this will just spoil.

Too familiar quotes might not be a good thing as it will be considered a cliché instead of a good opening.

Sort those Quotations

When varieties of choices for openings are already in place, the next thing to do is to sort out those things which would really apply to the subject matter being tackled in the essay. This is quite a challenge. However, a variety of choices and a deep search for those quotations would afford one to get as many possible quotes as possible that could create an impression to the viewer.

Also, it is quite interesting to note that not all people would truly give out their efforts on building up a good start. 

But that should not be the case if one’s goal is to get an engaging reader for a certain topic.

And this could be made possible with the right quotation.

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