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Paper Writing Checkpoints

14 Dec 2016

Writing is not an inborn talent; it is the most common perception that writing is a talent that is gifted to some lucky individuals.

But, actually, it’s a skill that can be learned and practiced. It helps in evaluating overall writing skills which can be helpful in other academic writings.

An essay writing checklist can help you to write a perfect essay in a well-organised manner. Prepare your checklist according to the essay topic and the requirements being asked. It depends on the subject too.  

A checklist from the custom writing that can work for any essay type or subject is shared here for the convenience of students, to help them have an authorized guideline in their hands:

  • Construct a clear thesis statement which is easy to understand and read
  • While writing your essay, describe each main idea/ argument in a separate paragraph
  • Every statement is well supported in the particular paragraph it is stated in. 
  • Introduction and conclusion should be strongly stated and should be gripping till the end.
  • Formatting should be done the way it is required or being asked for.
  • To avoid being accused of plagiarism, make sure you have referenced every source at the end and haven’t copied any material. 
  • The research being made should be saved as hard copy by taking notes of relevant points.

There is another checklist that is basically for those students who are required to submit the papers in a short time within the class:

  • Check the first line and read the instruction carefully; the directions will tell you what has been asked of you.
  • Check and ensure that you have prepared to meet the requirements; these requirements may include word limit, page length, and the research sources required.
  • Because not all essays are the same, set your criteria according to your essay type. Decide, when you write essay theme as to what it should be like; informative, educational, persuasive or narrative.

Article Lesson:  It is crucial to have a checklist for essays. It brings perfection and minimises the chances of missing anything important.

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