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December 9, 2016

An essay is a composition or writing presenting the writer’s own opinion on a particular topic.

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But it can also contain information on a given subject or details of a description. The word essay literally means “an attempt” and academic papers basically test your attempt to express clearly and concisely your views on a particular topic in the set format of an essay.

Importance of Essay Writing

Essay writing is an important part of the academic curriculum because it is the most effective way to evaluate the student’s level of knowledge on a topic in a particular discipline, his writing skills, and ability to write forceful arguments and convince readers to his point of view by clear examples.

While writing skills are a vital component of the essay writing process it also entails developing research and analysis skills. Students who feel daunted at the prospect of writing essays can get essay help by going through the guidelines on essay writing mentioned in the course of this article.

Classification of Essays

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Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay aims to describe certain things such as plants or animals; towns, buildings or countries such as London or The Tower; natural phenomena such as organisms or earthquakes; and man-made articles such as paper or locomotives.

The main aim of a descriptive essay is to provide a vivid description of the topic so that the reader can get a clear picture of the thing described.

Persuasive Essays

In persuasive essays, the writer presents his opinion on the topic in an interesting manner with the aim of convincing the reader to agree with his point of view. Such an essay is often corroborated with supporting details to persuade the reader to accept the writer’s point of view.

Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are written to narrate an event or series of events from a subjective viewpoint. It is thus written in the first person and generally narrated in the order in which the events have occurred. It could relate to the narration of a natural disaster or accident, a journey or the events of a real story.

Help with Expository

Expository essays consist of an explanation of topics relating to various subjects such as industries, occupations, institutions and may further include scientific topics, literary topics pertaining to authors, their works, poetry, prose and so on.

Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays often address serious issues of a controversial nature which often entails disagreements.

The writer in such an essay necessarily makes a claim and goes on to validate his point of view with supporting reasons.

Tips on How to Write an Essay

The basic format of an essay includes a title, introduction (beginning) body (middle) and conclusion (end).

Also remember to include a reference list that includes the source of the material directly used in the essay and a bibliography of the books you have read and are relevant to the topic of your essay.

The Title

Most essay writing assignments given at the school and college level would have specified the topic or title of the essay. In case you have to choose your own title you should frame the title of your essay in a clear and concise manner to give a clear idea of the subject of your essay.

In short, it should be a synopsis of what you wish to write in the essay.

Essay Structure

You can draft a rough outline of the structure you want to follow in your essay which in most cases includes the basic format of introduction, body, and conclusion. Once you decide on the format of your essay, it keeps you more focused to include relevant matter under the appropriate headings.

Writing the Conclusion First

Once you fix upon the essential arguments that you wish to discuss in your essay and those that you plan to prove with examples, it becomes easy to fill in the other components of the essay.

In the course of your research, you can collect information that substantiates your claims and also explain why your point of view is better than other claims.

Be Clear and Concise

Cite appropriate examples so that readers can easily understand and believe your ideas and arguments. Use the only relevant information that answers the questions raised in your discussion. Adhere to the word length of the essay by deleting anything that is not directly related to the topic. Take care to specify even what may seem very basic and obvious to you assuming that your reader is a total novice.

Use simple and effective language that gets straight to the heart of the matter.

How to Getting Essay Help from Professional Experts

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You wish to write the essay on your own but do not know how to make a beginning. For starters, there are too many deadlines and you are hard up for the time.

You may find the essay topic too complex and the essay tips or the organizational format of the essay is not helping you make much headway.

Don’t fret and fume over it.

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