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How To Write An Essay In APA Style?

13 Apr 2018

“Different strokes for different folks!”

Why are we saying that? There is a reason behind it! Different universities prescribe different styles. If you are a university student, they may prescribe you to write in a particular style. One of the most popular formats is APA! Most students get scared of the thought of writing an essay in a particular style.

If your lecturer has told you to write an essay in this format, you would need some help! You can write it on your own, but you would need to follow a specific format. How to write an essay in APA style? Let us find out through this post!

What is an APA Essay Format?

Here is a short APA essay format that you can follow. APA essays are not very easy to follow. You would need to read the rules even after going through the format.

  • Title Page. Mention the title of your paper. You would also need to mention the name of the author. In the text, you would need to include page header. According to the style, the title length should not be more than 12 words. It should be double-spaced. Just beneath the title, you should mention the author’s name. First name, middle name and last name.  You do not have to use titles such as Mr, Ms, Dr, etc.
  • Abstract. There will be a page header on the next page. Write abstract beneath it in the middle. Do not use bold style, italics or underlining for this. In the abstract, you need to write the summary of what the reader will find in the essay.
  • It contains research topic, questions, method, data analysis, results and the conclusion. Do note that the abstract should be between 150-250 words. You can use keywords in the text.
  • Main body. This would be page 3 of the paper. In the body, you need to write about your research. What did you find out during the process? In the main body, you do not need to hyphenate the words at the end of lines.
  • Reference list. How to cite in an essay APA style? Text citations are vital because lecturers will check whether you have plagiarized content or not. It should begin with a running title. Give due credits to the authors, whom you have quoted. If you have used someone’s theory or quotations, you must cite the references in your paper. Cite each article/book/online source that you have used. It includes the author’s name, year of publication, title of the source that you have used and you can also mention the site’s name if you have used a source from the internet. This is to avoid issues of plagiarism.

Your lecturer/supervisor will be impressed by your honesty and skills! You can check the citation style online. It should be in proper format.

Conclusion/Concluding thoughts

In the end, you must give the conclusion. Were you able to get the desired result at the end of the study? What did you find out during the research?

Make sure you are using Times New Roman, and font size should be 12.

Writing an essay in APA format is not an easy task, and you may need someone to generate the reference list for you. You could take help from a professional because that is the safest bet. There are many rules in APA, but we have mentioned those of utmost importance for you to follow.

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