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The Best Topics for Gender Studies

15 Dec 2016

It is a unique, specialized and one-of-its-kind interdisciplinary study which primarily analyses the gender phenomenon. Custom writing can do your essays.

Gender study includes racism, location, ethnicity, and social class. The word “gender” is mistakenly used to state the entirety of being female and male but gender studies refer to the socio-cultural state of femininities and masculinities.
The genders and their relations with each other, and the analysis of its past, present and future are studied in this discipline. The solutions to the societal problems are much contributed in gender studies.

The Essay and Assignments Topics Which Best Suit the Gender Studies

gender studies essay

1. The major subject area which is beneficial to cover includes the tools and tactics along with the content in four respective fields of study:

• Humanities
• Social sciences
• Theory 
• History and global context

Above-mentioned are the major areas which provide the initial grounds to gender studies.

2. One can take the following perspectives and apply them to gender theory as a topic of discussion in dissertation and thesis. 

• Men and masculinity studies
• Feminist theory 
• Queer theory

3. Human life and its gendered realities
4. Human diversity and an understanding of the intersectionality
5. Gender studies theories and how they can be applied to different problems
6. Different approaches being associated with issues surrounding gender studies 
7. Critical gender perspectives 
8. Anthropological perspective on gender and sex
9. Educational equality
10. Racism and gender in the policy of law
11. Queer politics and policy 
12. Feminism philosophy
13. Contemporary theories of feminism
14. International hierarchy and gender
15. Women psychology and gender
16. Liberation and feminist theologies
17. Society and gender studies
18. Body sociology

Research challenges can be taken on in the field of gender studies. Because it studies both genders, it also studies the differences between them like ethnic, cultural, and social.

Thus, it helps others to gain more precise knowledge and build quality understanding on gender issues.

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