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How to Keep the Readers Interested for More Than Five Minutes

05 Aug 2017

Entering a graduate school is a dream for many people. A degree from a graduate school can provide you with various career opportunities in the future. Many companies and institutions today prefer applicants with degrees from graduate schools.  

So if you want to broaden your chances of getting a brighter future, entering a graduate school is your ticket.  One of the requirements in getting admitted is a well-written graduate school essay.  Below is a guideline on how to make one that would grab the attention of the admissions officers.

Sample graduate school essays: How do you get ideas from sample graduate school essays?

There is no better way to write your graduate schools essays than by reading well-written sample graduate school essays.  Reading these will give you helpful ideas on how to write your own.  There are various sites online where you can find sample essays.  When looking for sample admission essays, it is important that you make sure that they are excellent enough to be your guidelines in writing your own.  

It is best that you look for them in reliable and reputable sites.  To narrow down the list of the articles you should read, you can choose essays with a certain theme or topic.  You then have to read not just one but a lot of samples.

Graduate schools essay: How do you write your own?

After you have read various samples of admission essay, you then have to start your own.  The first step is to decide on your topic.   Before you write your first sentence, make sure that you have a clear idea of the people who will read your essay.  You also have to ask yourself if the topic you choose would solicit interest from the readers.  It is also helpful if you decide what you should or should not include in your essay.  You have to make sure that the information you give is related to your graduate school application.

Sample essays for graduate school: What makes your graduate school essay boring?

One of the secrets of those who have made their way to competitive graduate schools is a very interesting grad school essay.  A clean and clear essay is not enough to give you the right to enter the prestigious graduate schools.  It would really take you a wonderfully written essay to be admitted to a graduate school.  A boring essay includes experiences and skills that are not relevant to your application.  

Including the events in your past that is not connected to the reasons why you’re applying for a graduate school will only make your essay boring.  It is also important that you only write the skills that you think make you exceptional.  To make your grad school essay exciting to read, you have to strive not to sound like the hundreds of essays you read in the past.  Although you can use the construction of sample essays for graduate school as a guideline, you have to lend uniqueness to your own essay so you can grab the attention of the readers.  You can use catchy sentences, especially in the introduction.  You have to limit your essay to one to two pages; anything longer than that would bore the readers.

Sample graduate school admission essays: How can you spin a good narrative for your grad school essay?

Having an attention-grabbing introduction is not sufficient; you actually have to sustain it by making the body of your essay as interesting as the beginning.  You should make sure that the sentences are woven in a smooth and cohesive manner.  

Again, you can read well-written sample essays for graduate schools to give you an idea.  When you read, you should take note of how the essays are constructed.  You also have to pay attention to the writer’s choice of topics and how they developed these to form a unified whole.  Study also the different themes that you can employ and take note of how the writer used the theme to collate ideas.  

Paying attention on how the different writing styles employed in various sample graduate school essays evoke interest is also a great way to get tips before you write your own.(1)

Sample graduate school admissions essay: How can you effectively persuade your readers through your graduate school essay?

In writing your grad school essay, your main goal is to convince the admissions officers that you have what it takes to study in a graduate school.  It is important that you submit a personal statement.  

This means you have to discuss your skills by citing instances or incidents by which you have exhibited these and not just by giving a one-word description of your abilities.  Another thing that would convince the readers is to state your reasons why you want to be admitted to a graduate school.  Aside from stating your reasons, you also have to write about your career goals.(2)

(1) http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/587/01/.
(2) http://writing.wisc.edu/Classes/2009/Spring/statementsGradSchool.html.

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