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How to end an essay: The Basic Tips

06 Feb 2018

Now that you’ve written a flawless essay, it is time to end it. Wrapping it up the wrong way can ruin all your efforts. This is why it is crucial to know how to end an essay the proper way.

Realize the importance of conclusion

A lot of people overlook the importance of writing the conclusion, which frequently results in an essay that lacks cohesion and proper structure. The conclusion paragraph ties all your ideas together and tells your audience once more about the main theme of your essay. In this article, we learn about the basic and most helpful tips that will help you end your essay the way it should be done.

Think from the Reader’s Perspective

Many essayists feel that the best way to end an essay is to ask “so what”. This is the question that your reader might ask at the end after reading all your writing. You have to explain why your opinion matters. This is where you present the relevance of the argument. In the conclusion, you can convince the reader of the proofs and evidence that will explain why your argument makes sense.

List the Main Ideas

It is very important to list the main focus and the most crucial ideas of the text. You don’t have to go through the details because that will make your conclusion too long. Avoid listing every single thing you have worked on. Just stick to the main points and the main statement of your essay.

Dig Further

You should start with the opening sentence and add just a little bit to it. This will give your text more cohesion. It is extremely crucial to stick to the main theme of the essay and consider it as the base that you will use to build your conclusion. You can try to tackle it from a different point of view.


You can also try to include the bigger picture as you investigate the main theme of your writing. Try to link it to a different context that might help the reader reflect on the main idea. A bigger picture usually makes more sense to a bigger number of readers which is what you need to make sure that your essay is successful.

Attract Attention

You can use a transitional word that attracts attention to make your reader understand that the conclusion starts here. Stay away from clichés and mind that sometimes the conclusion can be already clear. If that it is the case, then it is better to start it naturally as you would start any other paragraph to make sure that your sentences remain meaningful and to the point.

Keep it Short

You should work on your summarizing skills if you are willing to create a good conclusion for research paper. You might want to rewrite the main sentence in every paragraph to remind your reader of what you have presented by now. The ideal conclusion should be between 6 to 8 sentences. A longer conclusion will confuse your reader. A briefer one might mean that you haven’t covered all the main points.

Speak Up

Don’t be shy to mention your thesis statement or your own opinion one more time. Your essay is your chance to speak your mind. Some readers might get lost in the middle while reading, not getting exactly what you are trying to say. If this is the case, then the conclusion is a very good chance to tell them what you think about a certain topic.

Avoid using the same language while presenting your opinion or thesis statement one more time though. Even if your reader didn’t get it the first time, it would be quite boring to read the same words over and over again.

Stick to your own Opinion

It is a good idea to stick to using authoritative language that shows the audience that you’re informed on what you are talking about. Don’t apologize for your opinion or give excuses. Keep in mind that your essay is your creation and there is no reason why you should apologize for what you believe. Using strong language supported by proper evidence makes the reader more convinced of the ideas you tried to present. Be assertive as this will make you sound more reliable and convincing.

End it With Style

The last sentence of your essay should invite your reader to take action. Use provocative language that can introduce some irony. This is going to make your reader wonder and even look at your essay differently. You can be playful or use humor to make it more fun. You can also include everyday examples that the audience can relate to.

Do not be Afraid of Being Emotional

There is nothing wrong with tackling the emotions of the audience. Most of the time people make decisions based on logic and emotions combined. Defining your specific readers and detecting their interests will make things more relevant and put-together.

It is true that writing a good conclusion is not an easy task. But some practice can make you an expert. Take the time to work and craft a high-quality conclusion that will add relevant weight to your custom essay. Be aware that a good conclusion is just as important as the rest of your writing. You’ll never find out in advance where this might take you.

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