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Book Review Writing Tips For Novices

12 Jan 2018

Have you ever written a summary of a book? It is called a review. It is a critical analysis of the book which gives readers a glance through the book in simpler words. Before going through an entire novel, reader would want to read summary. However, if you are a high school or college student, it might be your project to write book review. Trust us when we say this, it is a tedious job.

Reading the whole text and summarizing it in your words is not an easy job. You have to go to a library, spend a considerable amount of time there and then review carefully. 

We would suggest you opt for review writing services offered by customwriting.com. However, if you are an avid reader, you can go through the tips to do a book review efficiently. Take a look! 

How to start?

It all starts with visiting the library and issuing the book. You can get online version as well. Read the entire really well. You would need to start off by writing few lines of what is all about. Avoid any in-depth details because the next part of the review will cover it all. 

You need to write down as to what you liked. Was it tone, structure or the characters? Did the story grab your attention? You have to explain all this in the text that you write. Did the story make you cry or laugh? Which character enticed you the most? Did it leave any lesson for you to learn? 

Mention the points that you did not like about text. You have to be upfront about what you did not like. Professor will not give you marks for penning down a flowery text. Include the main points that are not sensible. You have to critique it because the good parts will not shine through. This is an important element. 

How to end? 

The endings are the best part of the paper. You should finish a text by summarizing the novel. Whom would you recommend it to? Is it for an adventure lover? Is it for a history enthusiast? You can also provide a rating for book. How much would you rate it on a scale of 10? 

Sample Outline of a Book Review 

Introductory Paragraph:

  • Write name of the author, title and publisher date. 
  • Write a quick summary of the paper in two sentences. What is the main idea?
  • What do you think of the novel? You need to pen down thoughts about the story. 

Body Paragraph:

  • Jot down the main points of book. These should be the important ones. 
  • You can use quotes in points. 
  • You need to jot down the author’s purpose of writing the novel. What do you feel? 
  • Jot down a critique on your own. This is an important element. 
  • Was it a boring novel? What interested you most?
  • What type of reader would you recommend it to?


  • How much would you rate it? 
  • Review the important points. 

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If you can handle the stress and do it yourself, it is great. However, there are some students, who require help because deadlines have to be met. You can choose top custom writing in such cases. The site will help you to write a book review like a PRO because there are writers, who possess a high-level degree in English literature and other subjects. They know the format and style. They will carefully summarize the novel for you. It seems like a great idea!

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The prices are very low. The site is all about you and making your high school and college life stress-free! 

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