Step-by-step Instruction on Writing an Explanatory Essay Profitably

June 15, 2017

Are you a student or a pupil? Do you already know about the explanatory essay?

This is something that no one can avoid during a study or research work. This type of assignment is widely spread in educational institutions all over the world to develop not only research but also interpretive skills. Thus, get familiar with this kind of paper before repeating common mistakes.

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The explanatory essay is a type of work that represents different viewpoints or describes a situation, event, concert, or other in a detailed and understandable way without expressing a personal opinion and criticizing.

The high-quality explanatory essay doesn’t contain any argument.

The aim is to elucidate the subject and make it understandable.


The type of assignment exists in an educational process for two reasons:

  • To learn basics of research work;
  • To learn basics of explanatory writing without discussion, arguments or any type of critics.

The overall content consists of the several important points.

To complete a task with a high grade, it is important to include information about people who are taking part in a situation and their background if necessary, time period and other conditions which are meaningful for the situation, description of a problem itself.

On the other hand, an average highly rated completed work contains an explanation why the situation exists and possible scenarios of its resolution.

The content can be different. It always depends on the topic, situation, conditions, education level, and other criteria.

What is an explanatory essay?

As a result, a student or a pupil have to apply grammar mistakes free, a unique text which dives deeper into a situation, problem, or any other even stated by a teacher. The aim of the work is to educate a reader to be it your classmate or your professor.

It gives a detailed background for the following discussion. It also makes your professor believe that you have understood the problem correctly and have performed a research work.

How to start?

To start is the most complicated task. Some say that the first step is a 50% of work itself. Here are a few tips how to stay efficient:

  • Plan your work beforehand
  • Research, read special literature
  • Ask for advice or help

When start writing, think first of all about an interesting hook that makes your reader interested. This is to be formulated in two – three sentences. After this comes a background overview and context of the topic which is represented in an explanatory essay.

The main task is to put the reader in the way of things or to enlighten what is going on. The last important step is identifying a thesis.

This is the biggest problem formulated in a single sentence which contains the main idea.

How to end?

The explanatory essay’s last part must contain a summary of the thesis or problem, discussion of the future significance without personal opinion and a few unanswered questions which are crucial for the analysis.

The explanatory essay conclusion must open the way for the research and at the same way represent main points of the topic. It usually consists of one or two paragraph.


Each essay consists of:

  • introduction;
  • body section;
  • conclusion.

The first and the last parts have already been explained.

The body part is a space for the main content of the work. Here a writer must define a few topics. Each topic must include a few facts and supporting evidence for them concluding with a small analysis. It is important not to write critics.

The body part is, on the one hand, a place for freedom but on the other hand, has to be structured.


In the situation you are writing an explanatory essay for the first time during your education then it is reasonable to use templates or plans for completing it correctly.

The template is a plan, which navigates you during the work. Many students got lost in facts and thoughts doing the work messy and the topic even more complicated. To avoid this look for a qualitative template or create one yourself.


The commonly required format for all types of essays is MLA. In some cases, APA format is needed.

The best option is to read the requirements carefully and learn them before start working on the task.

Formatting might become a nightmare after all. It is always better to deal with it before the research. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. When you have never done before the explanation of a problem, then it is not only reasonable but necessary to ask for help a person who is more experienced.

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