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How to Write About Winning Over and Overcoming Adversity

07 Aug 2017

Before starting to write your own essay on overcoming adversity, you should read other essays about the same topic so you have an idea how to go about writing your own.  You can make an outline of your essay before you write it.

Writing an outline gives you a starting point for getting what you want to say on paper.

You can write and explain about the adversity that you encountered.  And after expounding, you can proceed on how you were actually able to overcome trials and difficulties.  In this part, you can talk about how you learned from those challenges and how you were able to make something good out of the bad thing that you encountered. This is your chance to sell yourself. However, do not go overboard and come across as insincere especially when you are writing an essay for an admission application.

You will  impress the reader if you write a paragraph that is situational.  

The more you provide a clear picture of how you were able to get through your difficulties because of your attitude, the more advantage you have. Do not write things that make you come off as bitter.  You do not want your readers to pity you. You want them to admire you.  

In your essay, the readers should picture you as someone with courage and someone whose character was molded. Your essay should be about positivity. To make your essay more creative, include some quotes about adversity from famous personalities. Explain how overcoming adversity molds your character. How you chose to be strong in the midst of turmoil will inspire your readers.  Moreover, discuss how you recognized misfortune as an opportunity to lift yourself to a higher level.

Make sure to check your grammar and spelling even though you are using an automatic spelling checker. Pay attention to every punctuation mark. Read your essay out loud before submitting it.If you are writing an essay for an admission to a school or company, keep in mind that the essay should emphasize your strength in dealing with negative and life-changing events. Do not make excuses or blame others for your difficulties.

Your goal when writing this kind of essay is to show your ability to thrive and develop amidst challenges. Use positive sentences and be careful on your word choices.  

Readers always love an uplifting and happy ending. Do not end on a sad note.

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