Writing Essays For In-Class Exams

December 26, 2016

Writing in-class exam essays can be made easy if students focus on the following tips.

Know your teacher

When writing an essay for an exam keep in mind the teacher who is going to check your essay. Every teacher has a distinct liking for an essay and wants its students to write their essays the way they like. So, knowing your teacher is a must for writing good in-class exams.

Ask yourself questions and try to answer them

Before beginning to write the essay gather a few points in your head about the topic and then start forming questions in your head about the topic. After forming a series of questions try answering the questions one by one while writing the essay.

Time Allocation

Budgeting your time is very important in writing in-class exam essays. A lot each paragraph of your essay a specific time period and try to complete the paragraph in the allotted time. Do not ponder too much on one paragraph as it would make it difficult for you to complete the essay on time.

Keep yourself Calm

Remaining calm is another aspect that needs to be paid attention to while you are writing an in-class exam essay. Panicking is only going to get you in trouble so even if you are not getting ideas readily in your head about the topic do not get worried as try to calm yourself as much as you can.

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The organization of an essay is also important as it helps you in presenting your essay in a better way. Before you start writing the essay spend a little time on organizing your paragraphs.

This will help you to convey your ideas to the reader of the essay in a systematic manner.

Proof Read

Always remember to read and re-read the written essay to eliminate any mistakes that you might have made in writing the essay. Pay special attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes.

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