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Macbeth Introduction Research Paper

31 Jul 2017

“Macbeth” was probably composed in 1606 or early 1607. It has been considered one of the four most important Shakespearean tragedies. Other than “Hamlet”, “King Lear” and “Othello”, “Macbeth” enjoys the prime of being one of the best Elizabethan tragedies, capturing the complex nature of power, ambition and role playing in a way that unravels the differing situations of human nature at the hands of the manipulative and coercive forces of society.

“Macbeth” is a tragedy that penalizes the ultimatum of human greed and ambition and the cyclical currents of power struggle. It is a relatively short tragedy and especially in stature, in comparison to Hamlet. In the world of “Macbeth” the play is paced in such a way where the cyclical and downward spiral of the human fall takes place rather fast. So the lure to power, struggle, ambition and sole predominance and ego contest comes to play fairly quickly when once planted in the human mind. The play of the darker forces and the seduction to the cave of the labyrinths of the human mind come to be a very predominant aspect of this self fulfilling prophecy.

So the state of Macbeth’s current of ambition draws him in fast where he gets consumed by the falsehood and the versions of hiding one crime with another.

Soon the pile of crimes go higher and before too long he cannot be back from where he has already ventured into. It is too far gone and he not only loses his own balance, state and all support, alienating himself under the layers of blood and gore. Shakespeare has always added supernatural dimensions to his plays and in tragedies, they play crucial summoning roles. For instance, in “King Lear”, the mad kind calls forth the goddess of Chaos, Hecht. In “Macbeth”, Hecate appears as an actual character as well.

“Macbeth” follows a cyclical pattern of going up and down the human scale of qualities.

So what goes up must come down and so on. This is the order that comes from the very initial appearance of the witches’ prophecy and the last scene also invokes the similar call for this mystery of the human character’s order.

There is no major subplot working in “Macbeth” and for any Shakespearean critics, it happens to be one of the darkest tragedies. The presupposition that the supernatural purposefully conspires against Macbeth is a strong one.

But what we find in the seething of the ambition is that the supernatural allows you to go as far as your subconscious ambitions would stray. The rise to power is not chastised however the ride over blood and gore has been.

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