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July 11, 2017

Personal leadership is one aspect that cannot be overemphasized. In the performance of any given organization, leadership is very essential as it is the leadership that gives the much needed guidance to the running of the organization. For one to be an effective leader, then that person must have strong leadership qualities and skills embedded within him/her.

This paper is based on my personal assessment as a leader on my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and what I intend to do about them. For purposes of this paper I shall refer myself as Ray.


Ray is a strong spirited person who has quite a number of strong points that enables Ray to be en effective leader and a role model top the many who look up to Ray as a role model to them. Among the top ranking leadership strengths include the following.

Ray is very organized, accurate and detail oriented, ray takes no chances of having or staying in a dirty or unkempt place. Procedures are followed accurately and in the implementation of the things that need to be implemented, and then Ray takes keen details to make sure everything goes as per plans. Recklessness in handling and doing things is not tolerated by Ray as the purpose of doing something has to be accomplished.

Ray is more factual in dealing with things than speculative. For Ray to take sides, then facts have to be brought so as to make the rightful decision. Speculations are not so much of a concern. Without proper facts about a certain speculation, Ray treats it, just like its name: speculation (Personality test 2010).

When Ray is provided with a challenging situation, Ray sits down looks at all possible options, analyses them carefully and them makes an informed decision about the whole situation fully aware of the consequences that are likely to be encountered.

Ray deals very well with high stress situations as Ray works to beat deadlines, face any challenging situation head-on as well as value for figures. When money is a factor to be considered, raising as much money as possible is of great essence. Ray never believes something is impossible to do or achieve until Ray tries it again (Personality test 2010).

Ray motivates others to take up their leadership roles by embracing their God given gifts and the acquired qualities to edify the rest of the world. Ray assists other to be able to recognize their strengths and use those strong points as building blocks to make strong leadership foundations.


However, Ray is not always as successful as on might want to think, given the strong points mentioned above. Ray possesses many weaknesses that if not worked upon, they might cripple the would be strong and powerful leader. Among the top ranking weaknesses in Ray’s leadership qualities are given below.

Ray loves to work best while alone. This gives Ray much more peace and hence his communication is not that effective. This affects the leadership of any organization that Ray joins as whatever contribution that ray has, may sometimes go without being mentioned. This is a character that is not good. When Ray finds that whatever has been said is not okay, instead of correcting, Ray goes ahead to do the right thing parallel to what the other are doing. Because of Ray’s detailed characteristic, Ray does not go entertaining people to do the project together as Ray finds chances of that extra person making mistakes to be very high (Personality test 2010).

While dealing with people and outsiders, Ray has an affinity to trust strangers so much. Ray has suffered massive losses by trusting strangers, in monetary terms. This is a big weakness as the leadership of any given organization as the organization is dependant on the ability of the leader to know who to trust and who not to trust (Personality test 2010).

While assessing people, Ray makes rational judgment instead of understanding and compassionate decisions. This makes it very hard for Ray to cope with others as Ray focuses on rationale and hence the attribute of Ray wanting to be positioned to work alone. Ray does not take things about others very seriously due to poor judgment and this hinders also the communication to others.

Another weakness that Ray has is one of worrying a lot about many things especially things that Ray can do nothing about. In an effort to stop worrying a lot, Ray tends to overwork and to be overambitious in doing things. This is just a run away trick which still does not help.

Q3. & 4.)

Having identified the weak points in leadership, Ray chooses to commit one year to fully change the weaknesses that are so pronounced into strong points by adopting several strategies within a timeline of one year. The following is a summary of the plan that Ray has decided to do to boost the leadership quality.

The first thing that Ray did was to look at the opportunities available to ensure that the strategies work. There have been invitations to visit people who are physically and mentally challenged. In an effort to boost the communication skills, Ray decided to adopt a strategy that is intended to improve the communication skills. Ray intends to volunteer to visit the physically challenged persons and other community work in an effort to improve from the judgmental attitude to one who understands and appreciates other people’s ideas. This is targeted to take place within a time span of three months (Bank Yr unknown).

In connection to that, Ray plans to take up chances being offered to hold motivational talks to improve on communication skills that have to a great extent crippled Ray’s leadership quality. Ray also intends to join the debating club and other online forums that offer various reviews on as diverse materials as possible. Within a timeline of six months, Ray intends to visit a media house to participate in a talk show. This will help in evaluating the progress on the improvements that have been made on communication.

Ray is also adopting a work plan to start working with other people in an effort to boost the interaction with other people and sharing ideas. Ray is encouraging students who can join a group and start on a project to improve the environment as the world works together bring down the global warming. Ray is also encouraging students to come up with ore ideas on various projects that can be undertaken. All views are welcome so as to foster cooperation. Ideas can be written down and brought to class in a weeks time where students will discus on the viability of all the projects presented and then prioritize on which one can be undertaken first (Bank Yr unknown).

There is also another issue that is bugging ray and that is the issue of trusting strangers aimlessly. To show Ray’s commitment, ray has decided to enroll on a counseling programme in an effort to acquire counseling on trust. The program is meant to take about ten months which will include evaluation tests by the counselor to see the progress that is being made. This will be an extensive and a vigorous and tasking time under strict program on self improvement (Bank Yr unknown).

Other things that Ray is doing /intends to do in addition to that is to live in accordance to the morals and values that are predefined in the society. By adhering to the moral obligations, Ray will have a leading edge ahead of the rest.

Ray has also set definite goals that will help in achieving the desired results. This is aimed at making Ray a better role model to the rest of the society as well as the other leaders. Ray intends to be a figure worth emulating within the next one year.

Ray is also working hard to keep a positive attitude towards everything so as to help make life worth living. A smile will become more likely than there before. They say that a smile is contagious and Ray intends to prove that right.

Ray will work out to admit in the failures so as to improve and to learn and avoid internal condemnation. This will help to avoid Ray from being a ‘walking civil war’. Ray is determined to learn from mistakes of yester years and work a way forward.

In an effort to improve on the livelihood of others, Ray intends to form a motivations group that will be motivating other to reach out for their greatness. This is intended to help others to be proud of themselves as well as Ray’s surroundings being rich in leadership greatness.

In conclusion, as Dr. LeeAnn Renninger once said, we and our friends have wrong and rotten perceptions of our selves that are ultimately translated to make our families, ourselves and others to suffer. Growing and learning to grow is one thing that will never end in the life of a human and more so a leader. Leadership is something that has to be worked on time and again to ensure that quality is attained. There is nobody who is perfect is any way. The only difference that is there is that many people have found a way of harmonizing their failures and their successes to enrich themselves.

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