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Problems of Pursuing a Dream School When You Are Enrolled in Another

05 Aug 2017

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You start studying in one college and then suddenly realize that it isn’t for you. You realize this after a couple of semesters of studying in your current college. Then, you get accepted into one of your dream colleges – finally. Why isn’t it a good idea to just jump ship?

It may not be practical.

If you have already paid for a few semesters in one college, suddenly transferring to another school is not practical. This means that you need to have a pretty good reason for transferring. You were a few semesters in when you realized that this is not the college for you. So, how are you so sure that the next one is the perfect college for you?

It may not be money-efficient.

International Student AdmissionsBecause of the uncertainty involved, you may end up wasting money that you have already spent on tuition. So, you need to conduct more research on the school you are transferring to. If you really think that your current school does not meet your expectations, it will also be not money-efficient to stick around.

It is a big risk.

Obviously, there is a big risk involved. With each additional semester that you have taken, the risk becomes higher.
There are certainly problems and uncertainties that you will face. However,

if you are determined to pursue your dream school, you will have to buckle up and transfer anyway.

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