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Progress Report Writing: Hints on Structure and Writing Style

13 Jan 2017

Progress report writing is a very widespread type of writing. It is used wherever a project takes place.

This article provides some hints on appropriate progress report structure and progress report writing style.

Progress Report Writing: Report Structure

There are different fields where progress report writing is required, and it has different purposes. Nevertheless, there is a standard structure which you may follow when writing progress reports:

  •     Purpose
  •     Summary
  •     Introduction
  •     Body
  •     Conclusion
  •     Bibliography
  •     Appendices

To simplify a reader’s task, you may outline the following sections in the body of your report:

  •     What has been complete?
  •     What you are working on at the moment.
  •     What is planned to be done in the future?
  •     What problems, challenges, unexpected circumstances took place.
  •     How you plan to cope with them (or have already coped).
  •     What is your overall evaluation of progress?

Use short subheadings to structure the body of your progress report.

Progress Report Writing Style

Progress report writing requires clearness and conciseness. Whatever strong your writing style is, avoid turning progress report writing into essay writing. Avoid using “filling” words and constructing too long and complicated sentences. The overall writing style should be less formal than that in academic custom writing.

Progress Report Writing: Tenses

The following tenses are used the most actively in progress report writing:

    Present Simple. Use for providing general statements, describing current condition etc.

  •     “At the moment, we have…”
  •     “This is crucial for…”

    Past Simple. Describe events that took place in the past.

  •     “We had a meeting…”
  •     “We received these documents…”

    Present Perfect. Use to describe results.

  •     “We have solved this problem by means of…”
  •     “We have already completed…”

    Future Simple. Outline your plans.

  •     “I will contact…”
  •     “I will do the following improvements…

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