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A Good Research Paper Outline is the Key to Success in Writing the Paper

27 Jul 2017

Pupils usually start to write different research papers at schools. That is why it is very important to understand how to make a research paper. If you write research paper for the first time, ask your instructor to show you the sample research paper. Research paper is the writing paper where you should lead some experiment. Any kind of composition, essay, term paper, coursework, and dissertation may be a research paper.

And if we talk about the research paper outline, it means that this outline will fit to any kind of writing.

The standard research paper outline is the introduction, the main body with several paragraphs and sub-paragraphs and the conclusion or summary. In the introduction, you should describe the topic of your investigation and explain why you think it deserves the research.

You may also point out in introduction what will be in the next paragraphs. Name what are your main goals and questions that need solution. However, remember that you should give answers to all these questions in the conclusion. Otherwise, your research will be senseless. Write also what method you will use in your research paper writing. You may use quantitative method. That is usually collecting data while conducting public pall or questioning, or making any calculations. If you use qualitative method then you should make a comparison or opposition of something.

In the main body of the research paper you may discuss your topic, give some facts and statements.

You may also support your information with citations and examples (either your own or from other research). Write here all the information that you think is relevant to the topic. Usually main body consists of three paragraphs. That is why plan thoroughly what you are going to write in each paragraph of the main body. Start each paragraph with the opening sentence. Last sentence of each paragraph should be a transition to the next piece of information.

In the conclusion, give summary of the whole information that you gave in the introduction and the main body. Do not write new statements, facts in the conclusion. Here should be only mentioned earlier information, but written in other words.

If you use citations or new examples in the summary that also will be a mistake.

Make sure that you gave well-grounded answers to all the questions from the introduction.

Draw also the perspectives of the further investigation of your topic. If you use citations then write bibliography. It should be written in alphabetical order, placed by the first letter of the author’s name or the title of the book. If you used information from the Custom Writing site - then also write the list of them below.

As you see, it is very important to make a good and well thought research paper outline.

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