How to Write My Research Paper? Most Asked Question Among the Students

July 27, 2017

Questions like “How to write my research paper?”are very common among students. If you have got a task to write the research paper, first think of the topic for your writing and of how to make a research paper.

Choose some interesting research paper topic that really challenges you. Think for whom you are going to write your essay and whether it will be interesting for the target audience. Remember that your good attitude towards the topic may stimulate you in writing. Check if there is a lot of information related to this topic. If you think your theme is too generalized, then try to narrow it. Avoid topics that you don’t understand or that are too difficult for you.

If you have defined the topic for your research, start to look for necessary information. Go to the library and check what books are available to your topic. If you can’t clarify what exactly you need for your work then ask the supervisor to help you with the choice.

He might also give you the list of necessary readings. Don’t forget about the Internet. You may find a lot of information there. You may also read some answers to the common “How to write my research paper?” question or find a sample research paper. You can download some books from the Internet library. If you have all necessary books make critical reading selection and analyze the given information. Then make a research paper outline. The outline is the plan or framework that will help you to organize your thoughts. It will make your essay logical. But remember that all points of your outline must be related to the topic you have chosen.

Any writing paper (essay, term paper, APA research paper etc.) consists of an introduction, a main body that includes paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  1. In the introduction write the general thesis, clarify the main goals of your research paper, and write what methods you use. You may also give a brief description of the main points you are going to uncover in the main body.
  2. In the main body you should present your arguments that support the thesis given in the introduction. Each paragraph of the main body should start with an opening sentence, and there should be a transition at the end of the paragraph. Give only valid and strong arguments to your topic. You may also support your arguments with citations. But don’t overload your research with quotes. Remember that readers and the person who will check your research want to see your opinion on this or that problem.
  3. In the conclusion summarize your arguments. Point out perspectives of further investigation of this theme.

Try to write your research paper beforehand because it’s not an easy task and you will have a lot of questions like “How to write my paper?”. Once you are done with your research, proofread the whole work.

Pay attention to the grammar and spelling mistakes. If you don’t find any, then you may ask Custom Writing instructor to make a control reading.

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