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Top 100 Resources For Students Who Learn Design

Getting inspiration is not as simple as it generally sounds notwithstanding how long you have been designing whether a few weeks or several years. With this in mind, here is a comprehensive list of 100+ web resources to help you discover your knack and direction for your pending design project-it in print or online.

The Best Resources For Graphic Designers - Online Galleries and Blogs

The Design Blog

This is an outstanding forum that features a wide array of remarkable works from studios and designers from across the globe. The site posts daily themed content and offer an easy search option since they categorize all their articles into different tags covering various aspects of graphic design.

Creative Market

If you are looking for a reliable marketplace for your digital products like vectors, fonts, and icons among other items, Creative Market is your to-go place. Moreover, their blog is equipped with design-dedicated quality articles; fresh pattern ideas as well as the latest trends in design.


Canva is an innovative tool aimed to help amateurs aspiring to create superior design-quality products. Their school offers insight on branding and business identity, graphic design options, business advice, and tutorials that are easy to follow.


FastCo.Design is an exclusive blog which specializes in covering interviews, news, trends, and of course design-related editorials. Packed with wow-worthy and engaging content, this is a blog that center on design, business not to mention other areas related to these topics.


Abudzeedo gathers valuable resources and information for visual inspiration and useful tutorials to help designers. Here, you can find information on various topics including photography, typography, interviews, and logos among others.


Established in 2003 by Alex Goh, Design Taxi is your one-stop spot for creative and innovative ideas on design. They are ever at the forefront when it comes to forecasting global trends as well as availing pioneering news and information to the creative and design industry.

Brand New

BrandNew is a component of the famous design and blog network firm ‘UnderConsideration LLC’ and was established in 2006. It is a source of expert opinions relative to corporate and brand identity works.


CreativeBloq is perhaps the most popular tool for anyone who has previously handled web projects. It addresses varying topics related to web design, digital art, 3D art, as well as graphic design.

The Inspiration Grid

This is a hub for visual-oriented block materials that cover diverse topics and themes relating to anything creative.

David Airey

Established by David Airey, a famous writer and graphic designer, this platform doubles as Airey’s portfolio and a hub for inspirational pieces suited for designers.


Logo Smith is a blog owned by Graham Smith and is a useful resource for any designer looking to improve their logo making. It is also a great source of the latest news and trends about logo planning.

Design Observer

This is a multi-purpose blog that combines the newest urbanism, social innovation, pop culture as well as design works and is established to help you fully exploit your creative skill set in the respective fields


This is a blog which acts as a reliable source for well-written and informative articles for the designers specializing in logo and branding designs.


This is a world-renowned online portal specially structured for the professional creative. It aspires to inform and engage designers while also focusing on news and competitions.

Creative Boom

This is a blog that promises a dose of graphic design, art inspiration, and photography on a daily for the creative industry with tips from the famous Anthony Wood.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love, which was established in 2008, is a forum that avails massive insight on logo design.


This is an organization famed for acknowledging and promoting talents and hard work in the creative industry including best developers, designers, and web agencies across the globe. They have a blog dedicated to educating designers and web developers.

Eye on Design

A blog by Professional Association for Design, an organization established in 1914, they offer invaluable insight from their 122 contributors as well as avail write-ups on various unique topics.

A List Apart

This is a publication founded in 1997 and which offers in-depth pieces that focus on the best design and web development practices.

Spoon Graphics

This Chris Spooner-established online forum primarily shares interesting tutorials, numerous freebies, and in-depth articles for artists. You can find stock materials like icons, fonts, patterns, and brushes for designers looking for high-quality collections.

From up North

Formed in 2009 by Daniel Nelson, this blog focuses on visual inspiration for virtually all classifications of designers.


Creativeoverflow avails numerous and diverse writings on various subjects including design which can be useful to various professionals.

Design Roast

For anyone looking to discover what makes a good designer, Design Roast is your cup of tea. It boasts valuable posts, helpful guidelines, and inspirations on how to be a successful designer.

Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss is an exclusive blog that is structured as a personal visual archive with all the essential information on anything design.

99 Designs

This is a wonderful designer blog equipped with the latest news, tutorials, and inspiration.

Wrap Magazine

Wrap Magazine is a print magazine only printed two times annually and which celebrates modern illustration. They also own a blog that centers on unique illustration styles and works by inspirational artists.

Design Cloud

This is an easy to navigate blog that features unique images carefully selected to cover a diverse scope of design fields ranging from graphic design to architecture.

Good Design Makes Me Happy

Created in 2009 by designer Dollery Hannah, this forum comprises articulately-curated design examples as well as minimal write-ups useful to any professional or aspiring designer.

Design You Trust

This is an all-inclusive design blog that was established in 2007 by Dmitry Utkin. It features architectural inspirations, video marketing, fashion, creative advertisements, and photography articles, latest design trends not to mention hand-picked design items from across the globe.

Design Juices

This is an online platform aimed to get you inspired to be creative. It does this by exhibiting outstanding designers, photographers, and illustrators among others and with high-quality articles. Loyal readers also receive rewards.

Creative Roots

This is an inspirational blog that seeks to help you layout fantastic representative designs, artworks, as well as designs that personify nations and expound on humanity.


This is an innovative platform with a touch of witty and clever. It features a curated collection of distinct design information and also offers succinct and short posts to spark your creativity.

Creative Nerds

Aside from Photoshop brushes, free icons, and fonts, this site also features a YouTube channel with step by step tutorials. CreativeNerds also post numerous roundups.

Inspiration Hut

This is an inspirational hut that avails stunningly remarkable sculpture, beautiful topography, paintings, photographs, illustrations, and patterns among others. These pieces are carefully-handpicked, thought-provoking, and insightful.


If you are looking for meticulously written, detailed and thought-provoking articles about design, Instant Shift will work for you.


This is a Canadian illustration blog that features surreal and unusual illustration works which exude creativity and provoke thought.


This is a stunning online logo maker which allows you to design custom logos free! For amateurs, it affords you with models and templates to help you tailor your particular business needs.

Inspiration Feed

Like other mentioned sites, Inspiration Feed also offers resources and freebies as well as articles on design, startup resources and business motivation.

Inspired M

Established by Catalin Zorzini in 2014, Inspired M is an amazing blog for any web designers searching for inspiration and creative input.

Top Resources for Web Designers - Blogs, Online Magazines, and Galleries

Core 77

This is a blog that caters to industrial designers and amateur and aspiring designs. Additionally, it’s also a platform for bringing together designers, awards, shows, and even competitions.


This online tool avails numerous posts on web design and WordPress. Also, it also avails tips to help freelance designers and marketing agencies, freebies and tutorials.

Smashing Magazine

This is a popular design development blog that focuses on the latest trends and techniques dominating the industry. It also offers free valuable content from its posts not to mention tickets to attend their conferences as well as books-eBook and print form

Web Designer Depot

Established In 2010 by a web designer named Walter Apai, this tool shares tips and techniques relative to web design and development among others.

The Next Web

This is a top-tier online publication which features exclusive tech advances as well as the latest business and cultural news. It includes a Design and Development section that offers invaluable information to professionals in the creative industry.

How Design

Find wonderful tips on being successful in your design firm, in-house, as well as a freelance career. It has a rich galore of interactive content, innovative projects, and comprehensive design details.


Web Appears comprises open-source resources to help both designers and developers alike. They offer a vast collection of fonts, inspirational resources, brushes, icons, and stock photos among others.

Design Shack

Are you searching for business-related or design-oriented content, Design Shack will impress you. It avails articles from across numerous areas to help you grow into a better web designer.


This is the to go site for any web professional notwithstanding their fields including SEO, entrepreneurship, product creation, development, design, and programming. What’s more, you can access a wealth of video tutorials and books by enrolling as a member in their premium option.


Noupe is a stunning online tool that is intended for delivering stylish and dynamic news to designers and developers looking to boost their design prowess. They also include a section called ‘Essentials’ that gives you numerous freebies, deals, and giveaways.

Envato’s Tuts+

This is among the few tools that practice the hands-on learning concept by assisting individuals to apply their hypothetical knowledge in various areas such as photography, web design, coding, and illustration among others. Their tutorials allow you to follow through at your own pace.

Web Design Ledger

This is a distinct platform that allows designers to share their knowledge and resources on virtually anything ranging from inspiration to interviews and much more.

1st Web Designer

This is a teeming blog that caters to a wide array of active web designers and entrepreneurs. A simple and minimal blog, it features posts on virtually anything ranging from theme reviews to font collection among others

Designr Fix

A reputable online platform, this site provides you with a daily dose of inspiring articles and useful tips affording designers the chance to learn numerous frameworks and methodologies to further their skill set.

You the Designer

This is a fantastic and easy to navigate reservoir for inspirational design works. This site features numerous write-ups on art and design in diverse niches not to mention useful tips on web design, educational resources, tutorials, and freebies.

Inspired Mag

This platform combines topics related to web, design, and lifestyle and avails raw materials which inspire the readers. It is a fantastic resource in several categories including freelancing, reviews, WordPress, as well as web design.

Design Beep

Design Beep is a hub for inspiring and fresh content for designers and developers looking for tips, tricks, free collections, inspiration, and tutorials among other design-related material.

Material Design Blog

This is a resourceful blog particularly in the aspect of material design. It also publishes tutorials and apps to help designers work through their projects.

Design Instruct

Design Instruct is centered on inspiring the modern designer with their roundups of professional advice and inspirational tips to help web designers as well as comprehensive tutorials on web development.

UX Booth

This is among the most reliable resources for any UX professional with their article posts on diverse topics ranging from accessibility to visual and interaction design, research information and much more.


UXmag is aimed to assist User Experience designers and is a blog that focuses on exploiting both the technical and psychological aspects of remarkable visualization, user experience, as well as story-telling centered on user-specific research.

CSS- Tricks

Started by Chris Coyier, this is a design and web development blog intended for web designers and front-end developers. It features an almanac, a web design platform, code snippets, as well as engaging articles and tutorials.

Spyre Studios

Spyre Studios is renowned for its massive collection of inspirational and in-depth posts and articles. These articles cover a diverse scope of design-related fields as well as offer tricks and trips to assist designers further enhance their craft.

Vandelay Design

This is a fantastic resource suited for all web designers, developers, and entrepreneurs looking to further their skill set. Besides sharing great content, they also avail an assortment of handcrafted graphics resources such as resume templates and icon packs.

Template Monster

Template Monster features a design blog, MonsterPost that allows the audience to learn new skills through exploiting numerous available tutorials and opens them up to useful tools on the latest reviews and news.

Best Resources for Stationary and Print Design: Blogs and Online Magazines


Print.PM is a great option for anyone that is interested in great print design specimens ranging from magazine spreads to billboard posters. It is a remarkable place for inspiration for the designers looking for ideas to create their layouts.

This is yet another popular option intended for designers and developers. The online magazine features an interactive news section as well as a distinct job board plus a blog to help you get inspired.

Print Magazine

Established in 1940, Print Magazine defines the intersections between art and culture helping designers answer their ‘why’s.’

In Design Secrets

This is a subsidiary of the great Creative Publishing Network that includes sites and services for creative experts. It features top of the notch tutorials, advice, as well as news to help art and publishing professionals across the globe courtesy of its numerous videocasts, newsletters, and podcasts.

Aisle One

This is a remarkable resource blog that concentrates on typography and graphic design primarily emphasizing on minimalism and modernism.

Create ID

This is a brilliant blog that features quality articles, package designs, and news spanning from across the globe. This is a blog that focuses on quality and only captures the best in the industry.

Company Folders

Company Folders is a top-notch blog which answers every query primarily related to stationary and graphic design.

Grain Edit

Grain Edit is a resource forum that is based on 1950s to 70’s inspired designs. It is a fantastic option for anyone looking for vintage aesthetics. It also offers helpful tips and product reviews not to mention talks on modern design pieces.

Visual Sundae

This is a collection of fascinating ideas as well as an assortment of remarkable art and drawer design. While here, you will find remarkable fine art exhibitions, typography, numerous sculptures, not to mention illustration and graphic design projects for sold items. Visual Sundae features accomplished and amateur artists alike.

Trends List

TrendList is a blog which incorporates an assortment of designs carefully courtesy of their characteristic design trend. All its pages outline a small infographic outlining each trend, an otherwise revealing aspect.


FormFiftyFive is the ultimate definition of powerful collaboration. It is designed by over 30 expert UK designers to deliver a blend of image galleries, work examples, in-depth features, and interviews not to mention useful links.

Branding, Packaging, and Opinion

This is a blog that is run by Richard Baird, a British freelance designer and The Dieline editor, an expert in the development of packaging and branding. He articulately picks out modern designs from across the globe and also shares his insights on each to your sheer delight and benefit.

Mr. Cup

This is a blog run by Fabien Barral, a French designer where he shares his vast knowledge and experience while working on high-profile multinational trends.

The Dieline

The Dieline, which was started by Andrew Gibbs, is purposely curated to promote among the best package designs from across the globe. It offers a platform for package designers to review, critique, as well as remain informed on the latest trends and projects in their niches.

Design Clever

This is a great Tumblr blog which was primarily established by designers Jonathan and Bethany Baker to celebrate brilliance in the creative industry. Here, not only can you find your creative inspiration, you can as well submit your jobs.

Lovely Stationery

Are you looking to expand your knowledge on spot varnish or subsequently looking to find inspiration for distinct brand identity designs? If so, Lovely Stationery is your to-go place. This new site features fantastic works derived from across the world inclusive of business cards, branding identity systems, and letterheads and much more print marketing pieces.

The Fox is Black

The Fox is Black is a blend of the best art and design and you can as such expect a diverse array of options spanning from cutesy illustration to cover art, experimental photography to up-cycled furniture. This site is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to unearth new talent as well as identify diverse and numerous projects to apply your skillsets in design.

Lovely Package

This is yet another useful resource that is primarily dedicated to packaging. Lovely Package comes with a simple layout and features one brand or package per post. Visiting this site allows you to easily gain more knowledge on branding designers as well as get some branding inspiration.

It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That is a blog started in 2007 and a useful resource for art projects and the latest news and trends in the creative industry. This platform features works from designers, upcoming events, and printed publications.

Best Resources for Typography Design

I Love Typography

I Love Typography is a remarkable online forum established by John Boardley, a British-born publisher, writer, and graphic designer. It focuses on fonts and typography and offers news, training advice, and interviews on the niche.

Type Token

This is a remarkable website which is neatly and articulately organized into various sections; identity, art, visual language, event, theory, typeface, icon, and publication for easy navigation.


Established by Joshua Lurie-Terrell in 2002, this is an online review forum for typefaces and type books and also features sporadic commentary on typographic fonts and design.


Typewolf is an impactful blog that avails an assortment of inspiration and pointers to help web designers and developers with typography. It features large and not-scaled down screen-grabs that depict all fonts as used in every design as well as outline fonts in use on real websites. This blog also provides background information on the fonts as well as recommend other fonts usable in similar contexts.

Type Directors Club

This globally-accredited site aspires to celebrate great topography both in-print and on-screen. It supports and recognizes its talented and diverse membership by offering a member profile every month.

Ministry Of Type

This is an insightful, stunning, and interesting weblog that focuses on typography, found the type, and lettering.

Type Room

Type Room offers useful techniques and tips, latest news on trends, fonts, pre-release notifications, and font releases not to mention comprehensive content in both writing and images.

Type For You

This platform avails informative interviews and news helping the audience stay informed about typography.


This Costa Rican Ricardo-created site is a straightforward blog focusing on great topography and all other related material.

Font Feed

A visit to this site enlightens you on typographic techniques as well as recommended fonts boosted by real-life examples stating how to best exploit typography.

Type Theory

It is a modern typography journal that features reviews, interviews, news, and views covering all aspects of typography.

NYC Type

The Luke Connolly owned blog is a vibrant resource for all types of typography.

Incredible Types

Incredible Types is an articulately curated platform that exhibits outstanding typography and design from over 180 Creatives spanning from 36 different nations. It avails 166 type design pieces to help spark your inspiration.

Type Cast

Finally, TypeCast allows you to easily style type to search for rendering, beauty, and readability. It features over 90000 diverse web fonts to pick from and compare them side by side.

Type Everything

Type of Everything is a well-organized and easy to navigate site for all types of type lettering notwithstanding their sizes, shapes, and colors from various professional artists.


A remarkably curated platform, LinoType is a resourceful blog that offers a diverse collection of pending and interesting font events, latest font news information, and font posts covering numerous typographic topics.

Fonts in Use

This is a remarkable research resource renowned for being able to identify virtually any typeface. All you need to do is input your image, and the site will identify all typefaces used.

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