Romeo and Juliet

August 1, 2017

“Romeo and Juliet” has been a famous romantic tragedy by Shakespeare. The two main characters, Romeo and Juliet, are children of the two families in feud, the Motague and the Capulet. The two young lovers fall in love and commit suicide at the opposition of their families to their union. Romeo falls in love with Juliet at first sight but with the love they feel for one another, there is also the conflicting loyalty that they have for each others’ families.

Romeo is a person who wears his emotions up on his sleeve and quite the young guy that he is, makes no bones about his feelings for any matter.

However it is also surprising that being young and headstrong Romeo gets over Rosaline fairly quickly and falls in love with Juliet at the party where he goes in disguise. From the very beginning of the play however there is the open declaration that the two young lovers would be giving up their lives for one another as proof of their love. So the tragic play of the plot is not too shocking for the readers or viewers but presented about face of its nature.

The two young lovers get married in secrecy but a fight between Romeo’s friend, Mercutio and a Capulet, Tybalt ends up with Mercutio being killed. Romeo then kills Tybalt for which Escalus, the Prince of Verona, declares him banished and even threatens him death should he ever return there. Romeo goes to comfort his distraught wife according to the advice of Friar Laurence. However Juliet’s father, not knowing of her daughter’s secret marriage to Romeo, proceeds in arranging for her marriage to Paris.

Juliet fails to persuade her father and decides to commit suicide if she is indeed about to be married.

Meanwhile Friary Laurence advises Juliet to simulate taking death potion so that Romeo can take her away, unopposed to anyone. Juliet keeps on complying with her father’s plans for the wedding, is now more lighthearted that she would soon be able to join her husband. However Juliet is also doubtful of the Friar’s intensions while taking the potion. She took the potion on the night before the planned wedding to Paris.

When the Capulet realizes that Juliet is dead the wedding party turns to a funeral arrangement. Romeo, on learning of Juliet’s death, risks his own life to come to Veron to see her at once. Romeo also buys some poison from a local Apothecary. The letter that was to be sent to Romeo by the Friar did not arrive in time and so Romeo had never known of the Friar’s plan to help him escape with his bride.

Friar Laurence heads off to Capulet where Juliet is soon expected to wake up. Meanwhile Romeo had reached Juliet’s coffin and had ended up in a fight with the mourning Paris who believes that Romeo is there to degrade Juliet’s reputation.

In the fight Paris is killed and then Romeo drinks the poison and dies next to Juliet’s coffin.

The Friar arrives but too late and when Juliet wakes up and asks for her Romeo and finds him dead, the Friar has no answer but leaves her alone. It is then in despair that Juliet stabs herself to death. When the two families arrive with the Prince and Friar Laurence at the scene of the dead, Friar Laurence explains everything. So the generation extended feud between the two families had to be consolidated with the Prince recounting this tragic love story of the two young people.

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