Fast Analysis of the Shakespearean Sonnets

June 30, 2022

The Shakespearean sonnets have been very popular, and they have been widely read and celebrated. The 154 sonnets were like composed throughout the tenure from 1592 to 1598.

Most of these sonnets were addressed to a young man whose initials were identified as W.H.

The sonnets have been addressed to this young man who seemed to share a romantic relationship with the poet. However, the first 17 sonnets have been in the attempt to convince the man to marry and have beautiful children through which he could ensure immortality and extension of himself.

Some of the later sonnets focus on the power of poetry and words as means to immortality. These Shakespearean sonnets have been celebrated as good love poems, despite their sexual orientation.

The sonnets’ overall sensual feeling goes over the barriers of love or sexual orientation. With the sonnets unfolding, the young man and the poet seem to be consummated with an “ark lady” with raven hair and seductive qualities. The poet is in awe of the attraction presented by the dark lady and has uncontrollable urges being allured by the charms of the dark lady.

So there are different aspects to a love triangle that contest the love of the young man and the poet and the dark lady’s later involvement. These love poems are celebratory and have a sense of a Horatian ode.

The poet’s views on immortality, art, and love can be seen in close quarters through the layers of this poem.

However, in the absence of knowledge about Shakespeare’s personal life, we fail to understand whether the poems are related to Shakespeare’s own experiences, a fictitious fabrication, or that of other lovers he knows. Just as in the plays, the sonnets could have been parts of his writing oeuvre without direct connotation to his personal life.

Or they could be snippets and additions of personal and impersonal experiences and observations of the world that have petered into the work as a uniting whole, as in most works of art.

Without clear distinctions to the backdrops of these works, the sonnets stand alone as significant works of art celebrated down the ages.

Love is the central theme of all these sonnets, but the underlying tones talk about the brevity of life while love and art are present forever. The transience of beauty and the physical shell are other important aspects concerning the poet, expressed throughout these poems.

The trappings of desire and sensual love versus the purity of spiritual love are also some of the associations to be found as themes of the later sonnet.

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