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Great Tips on How to Start a Descriptive Essay

26 Feb 2018

Don't know how to start a descriptive essay? Then you undoubtedly need help. Following the effective tips, you will see that the descriptive essay is one of the most interesting pieces of writing. If the teacher gave you a freedom of choice having allowed to write on any topic you wish, start from brainstorming ideas.

Do you have a person you admire? Or maybe you don't even need to look for the role model as your parents have the qualities you would like to tell about? It is a good idea to describe either a close person who has played an essential role in your life or just person you know well. However, it is not a must to write about a human being at all. Dedicate your work to some place that matters much to you. Any topic may impress your college professor if it is written well.

More about the Descriptive

You can see a description everywhere these days. You are welcome to write a story of the picture, person's appearance (portrait), nature of personality, a description of the situation or an area. Each report has to recreate a specific image in the reader’s mind. You should express an opinion on the image and can be free in evaluations and methods of submitting material.

What does it mean “to describe”? To describe means to indicate, reveal some important signs, characteristics, features by which we can learn more about the object of the description. Pay attention to bright details. Get assured these details do not look disconnected as they must form a complete picture, where everything is interconnected.

Do you like taking pictures? The photograph is the best way to share your memories with somebody. You should take maximum efforts in order to create an illusion to affect readers perception and make them see everything with own eyes while delving into the story.

What is the Purpose of a Descriptive Essay?

The main goal of this type of work is to provide your reader with unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a described place, or recreate personality you describe in mind. Composing a paper, you play the role of an artist who uses words instead of a paintbrush. This is rather a picture than a piece of writing.

Do you want to write about your favorite toy you played with being a kid? Then write in a way to make the reader experience your sincere childish emotions. Use bright comparisons and vivid descriptions as you will succeed only if your reader can smell the coffee on the table, enjoy the sunrise or feel the light breeze. Think of techniques famous writers use when millions of readers admire, cry and worry reading masterpieces.

A Proper Structure is a Key to Success

Grasp attention at once. Use an eye-catching quote or a citation, which will suit any descriptive essay. The introductory part will be effective if you intrigue your reader a bit. For example, start with the bright description of some person so that the reader wonders who he or she is. Think of qualities, which may attract attention immediately and create an engaging depiction of the thing you describe.

Outline to organize all parts successfully. It will help you to manage time. Stick to the five-paragraph piece of writing. The initial part is an introduction, after which you write two or three paragraphs of the main body, and finally, conclusion, which should contain your opinion and personal thoughts on the topic. Don’t forget that any errors may spoil the impression made by brilliant content and sometimes, even cause some misunderstandings. You will avoid mistakes if you devote some time to proofreading.

Best Ideas You Won't Find Anywhere Else

If you are still brainstorming topic ideas, then have a closer look at the most exciting topics in the list below and choose the one you like most. It is your chance to show the excellent writing skills and the rich vocabulary. It is this type of an essay where you can demonstrate your knowledge of adjectives and similar phrases.

  • Qualities of my granny, which I’d like to develop in myself.
  • Cozy cafe, where we met with my friend.
  • How does the perfect world look in my imagination?
  • The best memory from school.
  • How do I see myself in five years?
  • The most exciting trip in my life.
  • My father is number one friend of me.
  • Which qualities do I appreciate in my friends?
  • Whom do I want to look after?
  • Which country would I like to move to being an adult?
  • My favorite character from the book.
  • The place I love most of all in my city.
  • The funniest memory from my childhood.
  • My first day at school.
  • My favorite outfit for every day.
  • The most original present I have ever got.
  • Popular celebrity I’d like to meet in real life.
  • The best birthday party I have ever had.

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