Making Study Groups Guide

July 28, 2017

Group Synergy

To generate small group synergy for your essay writing research you need to join or form a study group for each course you are enrolled in.

When you team up with others and work on assignments together you get group synergy from the collective thinking power. A small group synergy of 3-4 students brings more thinking power to your learning process than you have by working alone on essay assignments.

No Dummies

For your essay writing research always select student friends who are hard-working and diligent, or join a well established study group.

If you have several friends who want to join your group select those who are reliable and who live near each other. This will reduce travel time getting to the study group meetings.

It is important that the members in your study group are reliable, reasonably bright, and diligent. You won't get much academic synergy from a 'D-Grade Dummies Group'!

Group Size

The ideal size for your small group synergy study group is 4 members. Fewer than 3 members will not spread the work enough and a larger study group will fragment into smaller sub-groups during group discussion.

Study groups should never carry free-riders who take energy and information from your group custom essay writing research but give nothing back.

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