Tips On Writing A Personal Statement

January 2, 2018

Are you facing trouble with writing a declaration? Getting admission in Graduate school is not as easy as you think. You have to fill out an application form which has endless questions. You have to write a personal statement.

For some students, they may wonder what it means at the first place. You do not have to worry because we have covered it all for you in this article. Also, if you are unsure about writing it after going through this article, you can take professional help from a portal which is known for creating fantastic essays and texts. Before going through the tips to compose a declaration, you should look at the definition. 

What does it mean?

The personal statement is also called a statement of purpose or application essays. When you hear those words, you instantly think of the reason behind composing a declaration. These are commonly used on a school application. It is a form of response to a question asked in the application. It could be an autobiography, or it can be professional because it is for a purpose. What makes you unique?

You can expect this type of question in the application.

There are many applicants, who are applying for admission to the same school as you. They may have higher grades or may have grades like you, but a personal statement will decide their future. It will distinguish you from all other candidates, who have applied. 

How to write a Personal Statement? 

There are specific questions that need accurate answers. You cannot go on and on about you in the application. Here are the basic things you need to keep in mind. 

  • Getting admission to your dream course at your favorite high school, the first paragraph should be an attention grabber. 
  • The committee wants the best candidate for the spot. There are very few spots, and you could be the one.
  • Give concrete answers to the questions and stick to the word count.  
  • Explain the reasons as to why you want to study the course. If it is medical school, you have to compose a statement that supports as to why you are fit for medical school. 
  • Mention your achievement as to what you have done outside the school.  Are you different from others? Will you be an asset to the institution? 
  • Write about the skills you possess. Being a team leader and creative person can help you bag the course! 
  • What is your long term plan? Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line? Stay positive throughout the personal statement. 

The Basic Don’ts 

There are some things that you cannot write in the declaration. The committee will probably reject your application in case you commit some mistakes. Here’s what you have to follow. 

  • Do not use words like beautiful, invaluable or rewarding. Vague words do not get any appreciation. 
  • Do not overwrite about yourself. The committee does not want much detail about you. 
  • Do not emphasize the negative aspects of you. The committee knows of your gpa and test scores. They do not want to read about the negative aspects of your life. You can write about your best traits and the challenging experiences that you faced, which made you a stronger person. Find the best qualities about you and write them down. 

Never get too emotional or talk about religion and politics. You will lose the spot! 

Why should you consider hiring professional writing services?

The best thing is to hire a writer for composing the answers. A student tends to get too emotional while composing the answers. The professional writer will write a personal statement with flair. They have experience to compose the answers, and the chances of you getting through your dream course will come true. If you are unsure about your skills of writing, you should trust Custom writing because the authors have several years of experience and they will provide you with the text within a stipulated time. It will cost a fortune! If you wish to get into the school or college you had always dreamt about; it is time to hire a good writer. 

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