Tragic Hero of Macbeth Essay

July 31, 2017

Macbeth has been one of the most complex Shakespearean tragic heroes and follows through a cycle of schemes and self fulfilling prophecies, riddled by his greed and ambitious leanings that take him down the path way of doom.

The characteristic spin tail of Macbeth follows a spiraling lower end that brings down the moderate Macbeth to stoke his ambitions and get into a degenerative life of doom. The first initiation by the prophecies of the three witches stokes the underlying gravel of his extreme ambition.

The prophecy also gets Lady Macbeth intensely ambitious and she conspires to turn the manliness and latent desires of her husband into something magnanimous that would however end both of their lives in a never ending cycle of ambitions followed by crime and then leading to insanity and fatal results for both of them.

Their life becomes consumed with the hunger for greater acquisition of power even though they had apparently had fairly satisfying lives under the genuine concern and fair considerations of King Duncan. However the path that lures Macbeth into following the dangerous roads of a counter effective and drowning prophecy is somehow reflective of the weakness of the potency of the whole character. Macbeth, despite of himself, gets stoked by the call of his wife to stretch his manliness.

Even though he had never shown disloyalty to Duncan and was not overtly raging towards success at the initial stage, the seduction to power was governed and reigned by the hands of Lady Macbeth himself. “Macbeth” is the story of this autumnal couple without any children and much shared joy in life which makes them turn to take the route of political ambition and the focus of power to be their central theme of life.

Here Macbeth is not only called to temptation by the stoking of his seething ambitions by the supernatural seers, he also gets in the easy tangle of trying too hard to please his wife in order to hold up his manliness, going beyond his character. Lady Macbeth too falls under the tests of the dark spiritual forces, going into frenzy to fulfill the call for ambition that is more or less governed by outside forces that makes him prove his false prowess as a masculine hero than anything to exercise from his free will and desire.

In this pitfall Macbeth is another helpless and tempted fallen hero who puts his initial traces of human qualities at stake to fill up the vacuum created within trying to fill with the entwining and serpentine cycle of abject falsehood.

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However the ride to political and personal ambition negates all such human values crossing the dualities of the mind which even begins to question the bloody actions.

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