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Top Travel Sites For Save You Money

Confused. That's how you feel most of the time when thinking about which travel site to trust. I mean, there's that one for business people, but yikes!

Do you really want to take that first class ticket? And there's another that's packed with packages and promos – like a free tour of a dozen souvenir shops.

Some can’t decide whether they even need one. While others believe it will do miracles for their travels. And the truth is, it does. You just need to find the right travel site, or sites, to look into.

So here are some useful ones you may want to check out:

1) Travel Freak

Many travelers dream of the day that they'll have the means to move around the world without having to worry much about money. Some hope to stop working for good for roaming from country to country.
Jeremy of Travel Freak did just that with barely any money in savings. Now, he gives various tips and hacks on his website that helps travelers to stay motivated.

Inspiring and influencing people, helping them find a way to meet their plans by utilizing various skills.

If you're looking for a more refined adventure, then this might suit you.
You can reach out to Jeremy through his Facebook.

2) A Luxury Travel Blog

As the name suggests, this blog by Dr. Paul Johnson is dedicated to luxurious touring experiences. From the grand hotels to the most breathtaking resorts, you'll find the latest news and updates about the top-end tripping industry in this blog.
They don’t just talk about destinations, but also about the activities most wealthy people participate in. Like how their author Filip Boyen wrote how to ski around the world throughout the year.

This site is one of the most popular blogs in the world. Catch more at Facebook.

3) The Broke Backpacker

Now for a wallet-friendly journey, here’s one of the best blogs that leans towards traveling economically. And to a student, being informed of the cheapest ways to tour is quite intriguing.

Will Hatton doesn't only inform you on how to save money while backpacking internationally; he also teaches you how to make money while you're in a different country. And to top it off, the guy has no filter, that's why every blog post he makes has an exciting and entertaining vibe to it. Find more at Facebook.

4) eTramping

When it comes to unique international escapades, Cez and Agness have a lot to present. Their blog is all about their experiences simply touring around the world, what they learned from them, and what tips work well.

They also tackle ways for people (especially students) to stay within the budget just like The Broke Backpacker blog, but this site has a different tone and shows you more ways to earn money in different parts of the world. Plus, they travel in pair, which makes this the blog to subscribe to if you intend to tour with your partner. Catch Cez and Agness on Facebook.

5) Graybit

Made by a group of adventurers and their editor Edward Martin, Graybit is a magazine that shares their rich knowledge on how to tour whether you are rich, poor, flying solo, with a group of friends or family. The bottom line is, they believe that it is possible for anyone to go anywhere given the right drive and information.

In fact, they even taught their readers a number of effective ways to fund their future treks. But they're not limited to money matters; they explore a wide array of topics adventure enthusiasts crave for. So if you want to be informed by experienced nomads, this site is the place to be. More at Facebook.

6) Bohemian Travelers

If you're thinking to go on a trip with your loved ones, then tune into this site created by the Bohemian Family. They are a group of five consisting of mom, dad, and three boys.
The Bohemian Travelers blog is all about having your greatest adventures as a family. It advises you on how to organize and budget your money for a unit. And, also, on places which are the best to go to as a group and the endless possibilities of each destination. They have also have a Facebook page.

7) Dave’s Travel Corner

One of the clichés you'll often find in travel sites (that's not on this list of course!) is that they often showcase places that are for tourists. Places made for western culture to dive into.

And that’s why Dave’s Travel Corner promises to do the opposite. Dave, the founder of the blog, is committed to displaying the authenticity of each country’s culture and how they really are, not how they were made out to be. If you like your touring experience to be raw and genuine, this site is definitely for you. Dave also has a Facebook.

8) A Cruising Couple

Filled with tales of adventures of Dan and Casey, A Cruising Couple is a blog started by, well, a couple who has an incurable itch for traveling. And their blog doesn’t just teach people how to roam the world, they write stories of their previous feats and share them with their readers.
Though made by wedded partners, this blog is not about some romantic voyage to La-La-Land. It’s simply a true-to-life pursuit of their passion, filled with the desire to see the world and get to know various cultures.

Find more at their Facebook page.

9) Be On The Road

A blog founded and nourished by an Indian adventurer, Sankara. He aims to visit every inch of the world and aid Indians who wish to follow in his footsteps. He is showing how Indians needn’t be afraid and latch onto every opportunity to see the world.

He also advocates in helping his fellow countrymen in processing visas and guiding them along the way. While having vast knowledge about his country, this blog also promotes India and its wonders, from honeymoon destinations to motorcycle events.

He’s an avid social media user. Catch him at Facebook.

10) Dream Euro Trip

A European blog that focuses on the remarkable culture Europe has to offer. Fronted by their editor and writer, DJ Yabis, Dream Euro Trip takes you to various music festivals, fashion events, restaurants, street food spots, and lets you experience what Europe is all about.

It’s also one of the best blogs to go to if you’re looking for a place to stay on your trip as the site usually reviews hotels and hostels around Europe.

More at Facebook.

11) Aussie On The Road

We’ve had Indians and Europeans on the loose, but now, an Australian joins the fray! Chris submerges himself in cultures of other countries and tells about all of it in his blog – Aussie style.

It is filled with lists and things to do in different destinations. It also makes you see everything from the perspective of an Australian, thus a blog most visited by his fellow Aussies. The blog is entertaining and quite humorous. More of Aussie at Facebook.                                                                                                                         

12) Divergent Travelers

A blog belonging to an American couple who have been sharing their stories since 2001. Unfulfilled with their “American Dream” that they thought they were living, Lina and David left the security of their careers and chased a passion of their own.

They have sold everything they owned and are now going around the planet as a couple. Visiting more than 75 countries on 6 continents, they created this blog to contribute the wisdom they gathered and offer it to people who wish to do the same.

Their social media page is Facebook.

13) As We Travel

A comprehensive site made for people who find their joys in traveling. It is rich with information and step-by-step guides. Giving advice on what to bring, what gear is best to wear, and about travel devices that are most advantageous.

It even gives you specific tips on how to be safe, stay healthy during your travels and how to develop the mentality and internal focus of a traveler.

Catch more at Facebook.

14) Suitcase Stories

A luxury travel blog for couples who love the thrill and romance of each voyage. Though the blog was created and maintained by couples, the blog doesn’t only display intimate destinations.

Suitcase Stories is filled with helpful blog posts. Definitely, an interesting blog to consider.

Visit their Facebook.

15) Peanuts Or Pretzels

A simple cup of coffee can lead to perpetual traveling. As Josh and Liz put it, they are “curious travel nuts” who are always seeking fun and laughs in their adventures.

They have documented their voyages around the globe and discuss various topics that are unfamiliar to other travel sites, like geocaching. If your aim is to have a fun and crazy journey, then visit this website.

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