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November 28, 2016

Book review refers to expressing your personal opinion about a book you have read. Custom book report essay must show your relation to a book and what particularly you have achieved, what you have felt after reading the text.

Like any other essay, writing a custom book review, one must follow the same old rules. Though there are some guidelines, it is your personal reflection of the story and thus, your own point of view should be stated.

Common principles and guidelines

Essay structure:

• the introduction;
• the body:

– part 1;
– part 2;
– part 3;

• conclusions.

What to do?

• point your own opinion;
• use a plan;
• be strict, consistent and certain;
• avoid needless info;
• point your thoughts in different words (use thesaurus).

These kinds of rules will help you not to miss the clue but won’t write an essay for you. Custom report essays have some slight features which differ them from ordinary essays.

Actually, there are now direct requirements how to write a book report essay, but there are some suggestions to follow. If you are not sure about your abilities to write, you can use special writing services and order custom essays, made particularly for you.

Where to start from?

First of all, you need to point the information about an author, the title and the genre. Then, you must write some general subject issues, what this book is about and some features.

Writing the information about an author, try to show what might be the reason for writing this particular story. What kind of life tragedy had affected him so much that he decided to write it down for future inheritance? And so on.

You need to stress the topic and the main idea. The topic is the theme of the text or its subject. It does not have to refer to the title but show the guiding line of the whole story. The main idea refers to the point of view of an author. Did he want to teach us something or maybe to warn?

The next step is to express the purpose of the book as a whole:

• what an author wanted to say or explain writing this book;
• from what point of view and from which person the text was written;
• what the moral is;
• show the target audience;
• what kind of goals the author wanted to reach and how well it was done;
• what kind of effect the book had on you;
• whom you would recommend reading this book.

Do not forget to make reasonable conclusions. Show the effect of the book and why it is worth reading. Provide your own examples from life. Explain that the book helped you somehow to reach something or to avoid some troubles.

In case if you still have got no time for reading and especially writing, do not hesitate to ask for help with write my essay for me request. The top custom writing website of highly skilled writers will help you write your essay or book report essays in particular.

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