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Сheck your paper price – how does it function? is a custom writing service with 24/7 customer support via online chat and email. At first, you are supposed to fill in your info (your name and email address). You can make your order right on the website in the appropriate space, stating the paper's topic and its type (manuscript, blog post, research paper, article review, proofreading, dissertation abstract, etc.). Add all the paper's peculiarities, requirements, restrictions, and anything you want to include there.

Then state the deadline for the paper and other preferences. The response will be almost instant, where you will see the price and the completion time. During the whole process, you have the opportunity to cooperate with your writer (make comments, suggestions, and objections).

After the paper is completed and you have revised everything, you release the money to the writer's account with PayPal or any credit card you have. Then, download your paper and enjoy the result!

Is all the info I provide confidential?

Every piece of information you give us is confidential. We do not share or sell the numbers of your accounts, email addresses, personal data like your name, or anything else you have told us!

We know that you trust us. We do not cheat on our clients and rip them off! Confidentiality is above all in

How can I find my order after I have made it?

After you have logged in, you now have your personal account, where you will see all the orders you have placed and their status.

I am worried about paying somebody without seeing the real state of affairs. If it is safe how can I pay you?

First and foremost, you control the whole process of writing. That is why you are going to see the current state of affairs. You can deposit money once you place your order and get the final calculated sum.

You have several options in terms of payment. You may use either a credit card or a PayPal system. Choose which one is the most convenient for you.

Who is going to complete my custom paper?

This is the most frequent question we always encounter. There is no wonder that you are worried about the quality of your paper and the qualifications and educational background of the writer. Every writer in our company has graduated from one of the top-notch English universities and got an MBA or Ph.D.

Do not worry about the quality of the paper, its structure, spelling, grammar, and style peculiarities. We are picky while selecting the writer for the company. That is why the results are always unsurpassed and usually do not need much revision.

Do you have a refund policy?

Sure! We take care of the customers and their needs. Disappointments happen rarely, but we are not Gods, and sometimes customers are not content with the final results they see.

In such a case, we are eager to return you the money you have paid to complete the academic paper! provides financial protection and does not aim to rip you off!

What about plagiarism in the papers?

As you know, the topics you are assigned at colleges and schools are not new and have been studied by some scientists and other people before. But still, it does not mean there is no way to make your paper authentic.

All the writers are talented and trained professionals with a wide range of knowledge in different subjects. That is why all the completed orders will be checked several times through diverse plagiarism programs that detect and eliminate all the instances of plagiarized excerpts from the existing works and surveys.

Without hesitation, your paper will meet all the requirements and be free from copied paragraphs.

I have heard that writing services keep databases of pre-written essays and articles on various topics. Is it the same with you?

We do not need to have such data because we guarantee 100% plagiarism-free papers, which means we do not use already existing parts or templates of academic papers.

All the orders are completed with the talent and knowledge of the writers who are professionals in writing.

What is the usual format of the papers you complete?

If you are interested in the size of the papers, two pages contain 550 words. As far as the citation format is concerned, all the writers are well-trained to complete papers in the following styles MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and Vancouver. All the demands and requirements will be taken into account!

In what time will I receive my order?

The deadline for the order completion depends on you! We can fulfill papers at any time you need. If you are under the pressure of extremely tight deadlines, we are eager to do your paper in less than one day.

We have done some papers overnight, so do not be desperate if you have forgotten about your assignment, we will complete it regardless of the time you have left.

How will I be able to receive the final version of my paper?

This is the easiest part of the whole process. When the order is completely done, you will get a link where you can download the order or go directly to your account and find the ready paper that is waiting for you! Everything is so easy!

What if I am not satisfied with the paper I got?

It happens on rare occasions, but still, we are not almighty and can make mistakes. If you are dissatisfied with the final result, feel free to tell us about that, and we will make any changes you want to fulfill your demand. In the last resort, you will receive a refund. In such a case, we protect you from poor outcomes.

Why choose our custom writing service?

With so many different custom essay writing services available on the market, why should you choose above all others? Well, as the name suggests, we offer you maximum personal attention and deliver a custom-written paper that meets your specified requirements to a T.

Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the smart custom writing or writing process, as well as help you manage your account. We only hire accomplished writers with academic degrees in the subject matter they write about for us and must undergo a significant screening process before being accepted as a member of our ambitious writing team.

You can select your writer from our database of educated professionals to ensure you the best paper possible. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we’ve got someone who can write your essay in 2-3 hours.

How do I place an order?

It’s easy! First, go to the order page and select from the list the kind of paper you need to be written (essay, manuscript, case study, literature review, etc.), as well as a detailed description of what you require from your assignment. This includes length, deadline, citation style, target price, and format, among other important elements.

Once you have submitted your request, writers in our database will bid for the chance to write your paper. You can view their profile pages in real-time to see their qualifications and read their work portfolios. You can also contact them directly through our online chat to determine who is the best for the writing job.

After you have picked your custom essay writer and determined your work terms, they will start writing immediately. You can view your writer throughout the working process and provide critiques and questions at any point you see.

Our professional writers take deadlines and will provide a completed draft of your paper before it is due. From here, you can read it and request revisions free of charge. Only once you are completely satisfied with the final product your writer has created are you required to release funds from your account to pay your writer.

Once you’re done, leave your writer a review on their profile page to help prospective clients decide if it’s a good match!

Can I get a unique essay for free?

Yes, you can try our free essay generator.