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Where to Buy a Research Paper?

Commissioning research papers is not something new. Students, academic professionals, and companies have always done it, so the question “can you buy research papers online” is positive.  We commonly receive queries from university professors, master’s or doctoral students, and companies.

For teachers and students, buying research papers allows them to focus on other facets of their professional life. Generally, teaching does not leave much time for research, and if we add to the administrative tasks that they sometimes must assume, research becomes an impossible goal.

The works can aim to obtain a degree, as is the case of master's students or doctors, or to a publication in an academic journal. As for the business sector, it is common for them to decide to buy market research jobs. These jobs require time that their workers do not usually have, and being able to count on an expert who frees them from that investment of hours is a natural relief.

Why students buy custom research paper

Generally speaking, a research paper is a product of scientific research with students’ actual results and explanations. During the process, researchers use the methodological apparatus of a particular scientific discipline.

The beginning of scientific research, i.e., the phase when it is necessary to define a problem, is especially difficult for beginners in science. Different schools and universities have other criteria that you need to harmonize: significance, relevance, the applicability of the topic, and the possibility of conducting research, including the availability of materials and methods.

It can be helpful if you look at this task as an article in investigative journalism. When journalists find out about a controversial story, they visit the scene and start asking questions and analyzing the evidence. The journalist puts the pieces together to put together a true story. Writing a research paper is a similar process. When students do this job thoroughly, they gather information about a particular topic or problem, analyze it, and present it in a report.

Still, students are afraid of such tasks. An excellently written research paper; is not just writing that takes time to complete. You need to take many steps, such as going to the library, researching the topic, narrowing the subject, and constructing the thesis. Then, it is necessary to write a paper, edit and proofread it, make corrections before writing a bibliography and references, and format the essay.

Preparing and publishing research papers is a significant challenge for students and young researchers. Writing a good scientific essay is only one step - a demanding and essential step. The author understands the problem and its context is familiar with relevant documents on a similar topic and can propose a solution to a proven new, engaging, and valuable problem for someone.

The process requires time, patience, knowledge, and practical tools that some students still don’t have.

Also, if you are not careful enough when writing, your work can easily be marked as plagiarism! How is it possible? First, plagiarism: copying someone else's text or idea and presenting the copied material as your own.

We will show you another example of a difficulty students have faced lately. According to some estimates, there are about 30,000 scientific journals globally, and over 2,000,000 scientific papers are published annually at the global level. There is a long way to go in the sea of scientific results, prestigious but also those of predatory journals, from the initial hypothesis to the results and published work.

However, researchers are under increasing pressure to publish as many papers as possible to advance professionally, receive funding, or elect a higher title.

Clearly, with so many outstanding issues one could easily ask wouldn’t be easier to buy custom research paper online and have more time for other curricular or extracurricular activities.

The Advantages of CustomWriting

CustomWriting is an experienced and reliable writing company where you can buy research paper no plagiarism at an affordable rate. Among other advantages, we would like to emphasize the following:

Basic Services

Writing and Editing

Delivery Deadline

Starting from 1 day upon request

Plagiarism Report



Unlimited (T&C apply)

Average Price per Page

$18.00 (Writing)

$15.50 (Editing)

Money-back Guarantee


Partial (T&C apply)

Additional Services

1-Page Abstract ($15.05)

VIP Support ($12.99)

Progressive Delivery ($8.99)

Clear Outline ($12.00)

Writing Quality


Gold (10% extra charge)

Platinum (20% extra charge)

24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat



Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard, PayPal

Social Networking




How to Buy Research Papers No Plagiarism

Students want to find the best place to buy a research paper online and often ask how the procedure goes. Indeed, CustomWriting is a company that facilitates an essential aspect of your academic life and, therefore, has created a step-by-step guide that you can easily follow. The easiest way to place an order is to enter your email address and click the “send” button. This move also implies that you agreed with the site’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Clients who have a promo code can enter it in this phase.

Now, the system will take you through a four-step process and initially allow you to set the order type before moving forward. First, choosing between “Writing” and “Editing” is possible. It’s only up to your request to get a paper written from scratch or edit an existing document to receive non plagiarized custom research papers.

Setting the deadline is the next logical step. Please remember that it takes time to get a quality paper, but you can also cut the date short if you are in a hurry. In any case, a writer could use at least ten days to get the job done. Also, this is the place to indicate final submission hours.

After that, students need to tell us more about the workload, subject, and topic. The number of pages depends on your respective assignment. A research proposal should have at least two pages, while a research summary could easily fit one.

On the other hand, a proper research paper starts with 30 pages and goes up to a hundred. Usually, we charge $18.00 per page, and the price includes a free title page, formatting, revisions (T&C apply), reference page, and 24/7 support. Speaking about pages, our standard is 275 words per page formatted with double spacing.

The list of covered subjects is quite long and includes various fields of study. You can choose between history, nursing, marketing, psychology, literature, and engineering, to name a few. Narrowing the topic is the next logical step to getting the most qualified writer for the assignment.

Our customers can let the system chooses the most suitable writer or directly hire more skilled and better-rated providers. In that case, Gold writers come from the Top 50 list and cost 10% more, while Platinum writers belong to the Top 20. The latter choice raises the price by 20%.

Within 5 minutes after pressing the “order now” button, the system will determine the best match. In the meantime, you can check other Useful Services. Some universities or professors ask for a 1-Page Abstract, and we provide it for $15.05. You will get a concise summary of your paper so that readers can better understand your hypothesis and conclusions. If you need a half-done paper in a hurry, the “Progressive Delivery” service brings you one way before the deadline.

Some students need a personal manager that will lead them through this process. In addition to the team that works 24/7, we offer VIP Support for an extra $12.99. Finally, if you need a Clear Outline, the service costs $12.00 and covers setting the paragraphs' order and content. The outline also displays how all ideas and sections fit together logically.

So, if you want to buy research paper online no plagiarism, the report is entirely free of charge. This further means that you won’t have to pay to check the article through anti-plagiarism software. Moreover, students can request revisions of orders of up to 10 pages within 14 days upon the delivery, while this timeframe extends to 30 days for orders of 10+ pages. Please remember that a writer may ask you for at least 24 hours to start revisioning.

When it comes to editing services, you need to attach a file and set the deadline before choosing the editor’s level. The system accepts frames of 3 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, and one week, allowing you to indicate the number of pages.

Students should provide detailed instructions such as structure, vocabulary, or tone of voice so that the editor can follow the guidelines and create papers at the academic level high. 

Just like when you want to buy research paper online or get professional help, the editing part allows you to hire a suitable editor or negotiate with Gold and Platinum editors. The latter two options cost 10% and 20% more, respectively, since editors come from the list of Top 50 and Top 20. It is also possible to chat with an editor before choosing the best solution. This option costs $9.99, so make sure to have enough funds in the wallet to support it.

The system will determine the price based on your inputs. For example, the best editor who needs to edit two pages / 550 words within a day will charge $47.90. Students can get a discount of 10% and receive a free plagiarism report. Useful services include Progressive Delivery, 1-Page Abstract, VIP Support, and Clear Outline, charged $8.99, $23.59, $12.99, and $12.00.


CustomWriting saves you time: Even if you decide to give it your personal touch, buying research papers frees you from the considerable time investment of writing a document from scratch. With us, you can choose between ordering it and forgetting about it or modifying it once it's done, but in both cases, you will have saved hours of reading, reflection, and writing.

Formally correct research papers: All our authors are experts in doing work and delivering perfectly formatted documents, from line spacing and indentation to bibliographic citations and footnote formalities.

No plagiarism: We subject all papers to thorough anti-plagiarism checks with the best software dedicated to it to ensure that we deliver an original document.

Respecting deadlines: Obviously, we do not do magic, and after commissioning a research paper, it has to be done correctly, which takes time. But since our authors are dedicated to it professionally, they will be faster than you could be, especially if you do not have years of experience doing this work.

Policies and guarantees: We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, while partial refunds are also possible under specific circumstances. Thanks to a solid privacy policy, we care about our customers, who enjoy the highest level of confidentiality.

How We Work

Before buying a research paper online, we suggest you meet our Top 12 writers. Currently, the list of providers stands at more than 200 people, and it is possible to read reviews of each of them. Only registered customers who purchase research papers online at CustomWriting can write a review, which contributes to the company’s legitimacy and relevancy.

So, the system will display the most prominent authors you can hire to produce any custom research papers no plagiarism request. Let’s take Dr. Kayzer Hill as an example to show you how it works. Miss Kayzer has been a member since September 2020 and has completed 516 orders so far.

This means that 386 students received their timely assistance and rated her work 5/5. You can read all 306 reviews to familiarize yourself with her experience in nursing, business and entrepreneurship, English, and other subjects she covers. You can either chat with the writer or hire her directly on this page.

The same procedure applies to editing. The first step you need to take is creating an order via the landing page or from the dashboard if you are already a registered customer. Follow up and reserve the funds using several offered payment methods, including Visa and PayPal.

Furthermore, you can discover the most suitable writer by accepting the system-suggested one or talking to a premium service provider. All writers have MBA and Ph.D. diplomas. After placing an order, you can check for any future changes and examine the content already written. If a client isn’t 100% satisfied, our writers will improve the paper and provide an optimal number of revisions.

Presuming the article is according to university standards and specific requirements, you can download it and present it to tutors and professors.

Why Choose Us?

Students who need to buy research papers online no plagiarism at CustomWriting expect knowledgeable writers, on-time delivery, and a 100% money-back guarantee. All writers are well-trained to provide any citation format, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Vancouver. Even though topics that students require are not new, this still doesn’t mean you’ll get a copied paper.

Our writers are well-trained professionals who use different plagiarism checkers to ensure the originality of their delivery. Also, unlike some other services, we do not keep any database of pre-written essays. The same applies to templates or parts of existing academic papers.

We depend entirely on your requests when it comes to delivery and deadlines. The custom research paper writing service; can serve you within a day, or you can set the projected timeframe. This is helpful to students in a hurry or those who received an extra order from their tutors or professors. Getting a custom research paper no plagiarism is the easiest part of the process. A writer will send a download link when finished, so log in to the dashboard and find it ready.

On rare occasions, students are not satisfied with the quality of a research paper for their assignment. Feel free to contact a writer or customer support to post a complaint if that happens. We will make additional changes and amend the paper to fulfill your demand. A money-back guarantee is the last resort, but you have all rights to claim it, presuming fulfillment of all related terms and conditions.

With all the above-mentioned in mind, satisfied customers consider CustomWriting the name you can trust and the best buy research paper online company currently operating in the market. If you decide to go ahead, we guarantee that the entire process of commissioning research papers is anonymous.

CustomWriting will always serve as a screen between you and the author so that no one but us will ever know that you have decided to buy research papers for money. Please look at testimonials about our company since only registered customers who purchased a paper can post a valid review.


Where can I buy a research paper online?

Many similar services are occupying virtual space. It’s all up to you, but we suggest you only choose a reliable and professional service that gathers knowledgeable writers and editors. Things like money-back guarantees and seals of approval provided by globally recognized financial companies are additional benefits.

Is buying research papers online safe?

Yes. Under no circumstances no one except for the service provider and client will know that you bought a research paper. Our privacy policy strictly forbids sharing personal details with third parties, including schools, colleges, and universities.

What is the best website for a research paper?

The best website combines professional writers, powerful plagiarism checkers, affordable rates, and quick delivery time. You can find it all at CustomWriting.

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