Creative Book Report

December 1, 2016

A book report is an ordinary assignment for students after they have finished some book. A book report is an essay in which a student recites a summary of the book and expresses his attitude to it. A creative book report is almost the same thing as simple one, but with small peculiarities. The main word in the phrase is ‘creative’.

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A standard book report includes the description the book’s plot, essential details of the composition, and commentaries of the reader about his understanding and attitude to the book. The more complicated report includes the analysis of the main idea of the book, of its character’s behavior, of its tag.

Book Report Style

Such essays demand their own structure. In an introduction, an author provides general information about the book which consists of a name, an author, a genre and publication details of the book. In the first paragraph, the author summarizes the plot of the book and tells what the book is about. The second part reveals the opinion of the essay writer about the book he has read. This paragraph may also include analysis of the book’s main idea. There is always space for critics in the book reports, but such opinion should be supported by the facts from the book.

When students at schools learn that their homework is to write a book report, they become sad. That is why sometimes teachers give them a task to write a creative book report. Creative book report has the same structure and goal as ordinary one. The only difference is the form in which such report is written. There are no boundaries for creativity and ways of writing a book report.

For example, one may create a collage from pictures, which depict main characters and events of the book. In the other case, it can be a computer presentation or collection of slides, showing the plot of the book. Sometimes kids may be asked to write a letter to the author of the book, telling about their attitude to the composition. One more way to get written good and cheap research papers report is to write a script for a movie or musical, based on the book’s plot.

Book Report Source

Every book is a source of information. The paper may be a collection of new facts, learned from the book. It can also become a song, written about the book’s characters and main idea. Furthermore, a teacher can propose a play on the base of the read story and to turn the students into the characters of the book.

There are no boundaries for imagination. Creative book reports are always more exciting and interesting for students than ordinary ones. To make the assignment even more entertaining, let the students create the form of the book report for themselves and give the prize for the best creation. I can bet, it would be the most wanted assignment ever.

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