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Intensive research should be conducted to back up each argument with sufficient evidence. Let’s discover some helpful tips on compare and contrast essay writing.


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Help Me Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Brainstorming

This is the process of generating ideas which eventually leads to the formation of the thesis. Thesis development or topic picking is the initial stage in essay writing and is a very crucial step that helps a writer to organize his/her thoughts around the topic of discussion.

While choosing a topic, the writer should ensure that the chosen topic is controversial enough to draw substantial similarities and contrasting opinions. Preparing this type of paper writer is duty bound to support both sides irrespective of whether he/she believes on the contrary or not as there are others who could be holding different views.

If you are asked to compare between two or more things, then, you are required to examine how those things relate to each other and stress on their similarities, if there are any.

Additionally, if you are asked to compare, then you are being asked to look at how these things differ.

  • Arguments presentation

There are two ways in which you can organize your facts in an argumentative essay. That is:

Block Approach

– This method is commonly used when writing essays in class as it involves discussing all arguments exhaustively before introducing other varied arguments. That means, you can start with evidence supporting your arguments and then in the same paragraph discuss the contra views.

Here, the length of your paper is determined by the list of your arguments and the amount of supporting evidence you provide.

Point-by-point approach

– This approach is ideal when writing lengthy essays for instance when comparing articles, novels, and short stories. In this essay, both sides; the negative and positive are presented in the same paragraph, and one only moves to the next item after the previous one is done. One thing students should bear in mind is that the argument may extend beyond one paragraph.

We Use Common Transitional Words

While writing this kind of paper, they are some transitional words that are common in arguments. For example, in a comparison paper, you will find yourself using words like:

  • Similarly,
  • Also
  • Not only… but also
  • Similar to…
  • The same as
  • Neither…nor…
  • To compare…to/with
  • Both…and…

And while contrasting two or more issues, the following transitional words is recommended to use:

  • In contrast
  • However
  • By comparison
  • In comparison to/with
  • On the other hand
  • Dissimilar to…
  • Unlike
  • But
  • Differ from

Organizational Structure

In a comparison essay, you should list down and explain three similar points that both subjects have, but in a contrasting essay, you should discuss both the differences and similarities.

Like other academic papers, this argumentative essay consists of three (3) parts:


In this part, you introduce your topic and give any background information you might have. Also, this is where the thesis of your paper should appear.

Main body

After the introduction, it is now the time to present your arguments. Start with your position/claim and support it with evidence before introducing the opposing views.

Since your opponents might have tangible reasons as to why they differ with you, you have to counter their positions by presenting equally strong contra-evidence.


This is the last paragraph in your paper where a quick recap of the things discussed is done. At this juncture, you should state your original position and indicate if the evidence that has been brought to the fore has changed your initial opinion on things discussed or not.

After presenting your facts, you need to re-read your work to see if there are typos and grammatical errors. You can get writing help from custom essay writers. Also, check the layout to ensure it is well structured and that each part supports the subject.

How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay

They might be similar, but totally different. It is easy to write a compare and contrast essay, what you need to do is find things alike and the difference between two compared things by providing evidence and factors. Sounds easy, right?

Here we will provide you step by step on how you can write an effective compare and contrast essay, also known as a comparative essay. In case you need additional assistance, you can rely on trustworthy academic ghostwriting services.

Classifications of Ideas for Your Essay

Compare and contrast essay is a type of college essays where you need to specify the ideas to make a differentiation. You need to classify your ideas into their similarity to start an effective compare and contrast essay.
Decide your ideas’ similarity

Find the similarities and difference between your topics. You can use a reference from the internet, books, e-journals, e-books and any other resources. You can also visualize your ideas by any illustrations and diagram to structure your custom essay.

Essay’s Format

You can write your essay in this form:

  • Introduction
  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 1 and Idea 2
  • Conclusion


  • Introduction
  • Comparisons ( Idea 1 and Idea 2)
  • Contrast ( Idea 1 and Idea 2)
  • Conclusion

List and State Your Argument Separately

List the ideas similarity and difference separately. Analyze your ideas as the supporting statement and highlight their usage in different mediums. Use only clear sentences and provide examples in different usage on the main ideas in your custom papers.

Create connection in your essay

Create the connection between your thoughts. You want to connect your two main ideas in a larger issue so that your readers will have a clear understanding of the usage of your ideas.
Mention your thesis statement

Do mention your thesis statement few times in order to remind your readers why you compare your ideas in a custom essay.

State your ideas accordingly in your essay

State your ideas accordingly. You don’t want to list out your arguments and leave it with a vague impression. That’s a reasonable tip provided by experienced writers from a custom art essay writing service.

Compare and contrast essay pattern

There are two types of pattern you can write in your custom compare and contrast essay. They are known as a tandem pattern and alternating pattern. In the tandem pattern, you can write and compare your paper by separating your pros and cons while in an alternating pattern, you may put together the pros and cons of both ideas.

The right way to compose a custom compare and contrast essay

There is no right or wrong way to write a custom compare and contrast essay. It is recommended to use a tandem pattern for short essay and alternative pattern for the longer thesis. It is a common situation when you may ask who can complete coursework for me? We have answer for that question too.

Be original

One of the hardest tasks a writer might face is to give their own commentary on a topic decided. Use your own voice to argue about your ideas and your interpretation is the most appreciate statement in a custom essay. And remember: getting essay help from experts is your rightful option at any moment.

Conclusion of your essay.

Wrap up your college papers and restate few main ideas to support your conclusion. Do not plagiarize and don’t forget to recheck your work. Searching for the best place to buy literature essay online? Try CustomWrting and rely on the best results.

Buy Comparison and Contrast Papers

This headline is not coincidental. Your ability to compare and contrast essays reveal is all about finding similarities and differences and building a stable structure out of this. Let’s go through the process of building such structure element by element.

If we compare our contrast essay with the house that Jack built, what follows is the examination of this house floor by floor, brick by brick.

Comparison or Contrast Essay?

Basically, it’s not easy to write one without clinging to another. When you start to compare, the contrasts also come to mind quite naturally. But if your task is just one of the two types mentioned, choose either similarities or differences and stay focused on one of the groups. As a smart move, you can consider using help from a custom annotated bibliography writing service.

Here comes the foundation of your house. Every essay begins with an introduction that, in turn, includes a thesis statement. Make your thesis statement by mentioning the two things you find similar or different.

If your essay is descriptive, this is it. If you aim to say something more than just describing the state of affairs, you should make some conclusion after proclaiming that your objects are similar or different.

This kind of a thesis statement may be evaluative, e.g., “Jack’s housekeeping policy is better than Joe’s, so we should elect Jack as our local community officer”. In this case, your essay is persuasive. It can also be neutral, e.g., “Jack’s house is bigger than Joe’s, so Jack earns more”. Note that we don’t make any evaluative statements about Jack’s income.

The next writing strategies are explained with the examples of creating an essay to compare and contrast essay writing.

Need writing help? See more info at essay help!

The Walls: Make a Contrast in Your Essay

Your next step is making your arguments. Think how to arrange them before you actually start writing, as there are at least two different ways of building the walls of Jack’s house.

You can organize the paper subject by subject (describe Jack’s house in relation to Joe’s and state how they are different – and then vice versa) or point by point (how are the doors, the windows, the cats of Jack’s and Joe’s houses different).

The Windows: Transitions in Your Comparative Essay

Just like the windows and doors in the house, your essay should include connectors that put your thoughts together. In writing, they are called transitions.

There are special expressions for a comparison essay such as:

  • Compared to…
  • (Very much/just) like…
  • Similarly…

Remember that a contrast text should also have transitions. You can search the appropriate expressions on the web.

End your essay with a conclusion, restate your thesis statement and spice it up with some additional observations. If you need any assistance or want to buy a compare and contrast essay outline, we always have essay-building experts here at hand!

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