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Emily Jones
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Carey Ashley
I highly recommend their dissertation proposal assistance
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Olivia Johnson
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Helmink Becky
She was amazing! I cannot wait to use Lilah again for my paper. Very understanding.
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Horvath Jordan
Their expertise in crafting a compelling dissertation proposal was evident in every word
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Sarah Moore
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Olivia Johnson
Thanks to their dissertation proposal service, I felt confident presenting my research idea to my committee
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Manning Ashley

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As a student, you are already stressed out with assignments and routine tasks. You have a brilliant idea for your dissertation proposal, but writing a coherent, professional literature proposal might not be your forte. And that is completely fine. You can pay to write your dissertation right now and have a custom-written paper fast.

Be it the format of the text, the tone of the language, the fluidity of the topic, or the guidance with the methodologies, we here at CustomWriting can take care of all your needs without you losing your brains.

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And even if you do not like our service after availing of it, rest assured that your purchase comes with a great refund policy and a smooth money-back guarantee.

There is also our feedback option that you can utilize so that we can bridge the gap between us. Because, after all, aiding stressed students in writing a good academic proposal is our main objective here.

Therefore, if you are hoping to pitch a unique research idea to get admission to your desired university, then you should check out our CustomWriting services which will help you with a custom dissertation proposal and guide you in achieving that perfect academic tone.

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Why Do the Students Struggle with Dissertation Proposals?

A common problem with most students is that they are always overwhelmed and occupied with a ton of workloads and coursework.

Therefore, even if you have a genius research idea that you want to pursue, you will have to write an academic proposal outlining your objectives and methodologies to secure a position and proper funding for your research goal.

And that is where most students start to struggle. Because writing a dissertation proposal is one of the hardest tasks for an already overwhelmed student.

If you are new to writing an academic paper, you will find out how unique your writing style has to be to avoid plagiarism. As a research candidate, you might have the technical skills but writing a coherent sentence with clarity is completely another set of skills that you would need for proposal writing.

The tone of the language will also determine your credibility as a potential researcher to the advisors and research committees.

Your dissertation proposal will have to contain a literature review of your current work, which in itself requires precise attention to academic details. For these reasons and a few others, it is common for students to struggle with dissertation proposal writing. That’s when the decision to buy a dissertation online comes in handy.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Proposal?

There are several points that you have to keep in mind when writing a profession-sounding dissertation proposal to secure a place in a doctorate program. Discussed below are some of the important ones, such as:

  • Being Original: One big deciding factor for a good research proposal is that it is completely original and of your idea. Plagiarism is completely prohibited in academic papers and violates the integrity of the research work that others have done.
  • Having Clarity: You have to be very precise and specific about your research objectives. Otherwise, it would confuse the advisors that want to recruit you. That’s why the tone of the language is very important in writing a good dissertation proposal.
  • Excellent Grammar: Having good command over the grammar of your text is a major considering factor for admission professors. Bad grammar can often make your proposal unintelligible, which isn’t good for a starter.
  • Expressing Confidence: You have to sound confident about your research interests. Your style of writing has to radiate that confident energy that the idea you are penning down is worth pursuing.

Many other important factors contribute to writing a sound dissertation proposal. And our company, CustomWriting, is here to offer all of those services without you worrying a single bit. Send a “write dissertation for me” message to our experts and get professional help.

Why Should You Choose CustomWriting?

That’s a great question. Why should you choose us and not the other platforms? Well, for a start, we have a library of services that are well-curated specifically to serve your needs and purposes. All of our writers are Ph.D. qualified and know how to turn amateur writing into a professional one.

Plagiarism is one of the most common problems that students face when pitching a proposal for the first time. How we may help you in this regard, you might ask. We have a team of experts that can guide you in polishing up your proposal text so that it is free from plagiarized words and phrases.

Grammar and tone are other niches of categories in which we excel at a fundamental level. Our 24/7 services include direct collaboration with you to help you produce the best possible proposal that pops brightly in the eyes and sounds sharp on the tongue.

Therefore, if you need online dissertation proposal help, you should check out our CustomWriting services (listed below) to understand how we differ from others.

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Services That We Provide at Custom Writing

You might be wondering at this point what specific features and dissertation services we provide here on this platform make us different from others. Well, you do not have to take our word for it. I would let these services speak for themselves.

  • Providing quality dissertation writing help is our first and foremost goal. Rest other services are designed to complement that quality which we produce here.
  • Deadline is something that we strictly follow here. We know that students have to move in clockwork, so we match our strengths to fit that of our students.
  • We have a long history of respecting the privacy of our customers. If you approach us with your research ideas, be assured that it is in safe hands.
  • Our services are 24/7 online with a fast response team. If you have any inquiries, expect not just quick replies but also engaging interaction.
  • It usually costs a lot if you hire a professional writer individually for your research proposal. Here on our platform, we have a board of experienced writers but with less of that price.
  • Last but certainly not least, be it plagiarism and grammar checking, tone-setting, or fixing syntax to better enhance your writing, CustomWriting guarantees all services with a sound refund policy.

Feedbacks and Reviews

We are very proud of our customer base as most of the reviews that we receive here are of satisfaction.

And nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers contented with what they hope from us. With an average quality score of 8.5 out of 10, we aim every day to set new records and achieve higher than the previous day.

“What I like the most in this online service is the ability to choose a professional to write my work. When it comes to Ph.D. it’s essential to work with the most skillful one, so I selected a writer with the most experience. Great service and really responsible writers!”

With a 24/7 support team and online feedback system, CustomWriting takes every single feedback of yours with utmost importance and implements those changes as soon as possible.

Therefore, for the best nursing dissertation writing help or any dissertation proposal assistance, feel free to contact us at CustomWriting, and we will be happy to avail of our services to you.


Every student has a unique set of skills that they have acquired while studying in schools and colleges. However, not everyone is blessed with all the life skills. It is quite normal for a student to seek help in writing a particular thesis, paper, or dissertation.

These academic writings demand a good command of grammar, language, choice of vocabulary, and a long list of Dos and Don’ts.

Therefore, even if you have good technical skills in research methodologies and proposing new ideas, it is quite normal not to know how to express them in coherent sentences that academia requires. That is why we are here for your dissertation proposal assistance.

If you are a fresh graduate struggling to get into a doctorate program because you are having great difficulty writing a dissertation proposal, then I would suggest you leave your worries at the door and check out our CustomWriting services. We will help with a dissertation proposal or research proposal that can get you selected for the university of your choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Makes a Good Dissertation Proposal?

Having good grammar, making sure the text is plagiarism-free, having clarity about your research objectives, following the dissertation structure format, etc., are some of the good practices that make a dissertation proposal good to research advisors. If you strictly follow these rules either by yourself or by taking help from companies like us, be assured that it will be accepted.

Is a Dissertation Proposal Hard?

The short answer is yes. However, if you follow a list of dos and don’ts of what is acceptable in an academic proposal, you will get the hang of it. Students find it hard because they are already overwhelmed with loads of assignments. That’s why platforms like ours exist to provide help to make writing a dissertation proposal a fun exercise.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Dissertation Proposal?

If you commission an individual writer to write your dissertation, it usually costs a lot, ranging from $200 to $1100 depending upon the number of words and amount of time consumed. However, in CustomWriting, you can have access to all of the services starting only at $15. Besides, we don’t charge extra for re-editing like individual hires.

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