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Do you need professional essay editing service? Here you can easily find them. Customwriting.com is able to effortlessly tailor your content according to the modern writing trends. Sometimes it happens that you already possess a good article, web content or academic piece of writing. Each of the writers we have is a professional essay editor and proofreader who fulfills both academic and document proofreading and accomplishes online editing services in a blink of your eye! Anything you need from English proofreading to manuscript proofreading can be done in Customwriting.com. Summon your decisiveness and join the team of our happy customers!

What is special about our online proofreading, technical and academic editing services?

  • A wide range of material we edit and proofread (books, academic papers and web pages)
  • High professionalism of the writers in essay editing services
  • Promising results! Our rates are the highest on the market!

At Customwriting.com, you will never be disappointed. We are swift, precise and provide customers only with quality works! Do not be worried in terms of the payment procedure. You do not pay in advance or before the work is done. The details of payment you talk over with your writer, but until you are totally satisfied with the work, nobody will charge you. We are 24/7 online! So, you are free to contact us regardless of the time and circumstances, our support managers are always here to help you or advise a great writer who will specialize in the topic of your piece of writing. We collaborate with you during the whole process that is why you are able to make any comments and, overall, to control the professional proofreading/editing process. In addition, reasonable prices will please you! An unsurpassed result is guaranteed by well-versed and all-rounded writers.

The Core Essence of the Proofreading and Editing

A lot of people are puzzled when got to know that adjustment help and editing are different notions. In fact, already edited writing should be proofread to eliminate all the discrepancies in style and mistakes. The editor has the free right to edit and rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs. The main goal of the essay editor is to establish the variant that makes sense.

Proofreading entails reviewing the final version of the piece of writing and meticulously re-reading it, detecting minor errors and eliminating them. You need a real professional because the spellcheckers and grammar checkers are not able to entirely check the text and detect all the discrepancies it has. That is why you need a real professional who is good at English.

Academic editing, verification process, technical requirements are the hard but indispensable part of any writing material. There are diverse types of paper editing. It can be divided into several blocks like content, structure, clarity, style and even more. Adjustment requires a well-elaborated plan for achieving a quality result. That is why we offer you with a great opportunity to look at your work from a different perspective and to refine it and make it sound perfect! Even if you have a thought-provoking idea that lies behind it, the fact that your text contains even minor errors may be counter-productive.

Logical Principles of Text Editing

As we mentioned, at Customwriting.com our editors are obliged to pay attention to the consistency of the submission of the material being prepared for delivery. This suggests that the main theses in the text must should be proved without fail, and the evidence itself should be reliable, grounded and reasonable. Of course, formal logic will not release the paper of the shortcomings and mistakes, but our experts will fully contribute to the completion of the research paper, to give it credibility and eliminate contradictions.

When evaluating a topic, it is necessary to get acquainted with the text style and purpose and give an overall assessment of the need for its successful delivery. Our editors and proofreaders take the specifics of the academic institution, where the text will subsequently be submitted, and check the correspondence of the paper to the problem described by the author.

In some cases, the essay editor is required to check the complex of evidence available in the text, strengthen it, remove unnecessary arguments, and eliminate the wordiness and redundant words if the text proves something opposite than what was originally intended.

Do you need essay editing services or something else to check? Need someone to write my essay for me? Do not hesitate and place your order now!

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