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Your all-defeating guide to argumentative essay

03 Dec 2016

Did you know that arguments make you healthier? The scientists from American Psychological Association have observed that avoidance in conflict causes grave health problems. In particular, the couples that don’t engage in arguments when a conflict is in the making tend to live less. But aside from these scientific statements, haven’t you ever experience this feeling of relief after a good hot quarrel?

Got you?

If yes, think why.

If no, again, think why not.

What we’ve already attempted is an example of an argument. Let’s see how to write argumentative essay assignments that deliver a really persuasive message and give you real pleasure from participation in passionate debates.

Good argumentative essay topics

Nothing is as important in argumentative writing as its topic. Seriously. You can write a descriptive paper about literally anything (the point is just to make it relevant). Now, this does not apply to an argumentative college paper. This seems evident, but year after year, students submit papers in which they call captain obvious to the rescue.

To avoid this problem, make your argument sound like an argument (see what we mean?). In other words, bring about a problem, a question that has different (preferably conflicting) answers. And advocate one of these answers. Yes, you may catch a rotten tomato or two, but all in all, this is the point. Energize your audience, challenge it.

Don’t just repeat that people don’t need to write argumentative papers to study normally.

Fresh meat for argumentative essays

You may well be a vegetarian and call for ethical treatment of animals. We acknowledge this but still claim that your essay should be composed of the red flesh of solid, vivid arguments. To love and kill with your arguments, use the following tips:

  • Refer to authorities, just like we did in the introduction (directly) or in the reference to captain obvious (indirectly – this is what we call mythos, a common set of beliefs).
  • Support your claim with the facts from real life: the anecdotes, the scientific evidence, the experience of other people
  • Be logical. When people play debates, they can prove anything with just logic. Don’t skip this winning tool!
  • Anticipate the objections. Just like we did with vegetarians, think how your audience may respond.

How to write argumentative essay spells

Note what language we used in a previous paragraph. You should write in a manner that won’t leave your reader any chances but to pay attention, be it positive or negative. Use colorful metaphors, humor, and problematic statement to boost your language. Also, choose words inventively.

Spellbind with your spelling

We use this cheap pun just to remind that a good argumentative essay needs thorough proof-reading. Do it, do it again, submit your essay – and good luck!

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