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Argumentative Essay Topics

There is a widespread problem you need to meet a deadline, but you have no idea what to write about. A topic for the argumentative essay has to be an argument because if it won’t be, you would fail your task and get a low mark. With this in mind picking a topic, all those criteria have to be mentioned; knowledge (you are qualified in the chosen topic and know where to find the additional materials), interest (you are interested in the explored question), available sources (before taking a topic, make yourself sure, that it’s enough material to fulfill your work).

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How to Choose a Good Topic:

  • Make sure you pick a topic that doesn't have a definite answer yet.
  • The more controversial topic is, the better it will be for debate purposes, therefore choose somebody, who doesn't agree with.
  • Another key thing is the topic, which connected with something everyone has an opinion about. It would make your research of arguments easier. 

Samples of Topics - Good

  1. Is it easy to be a black sheep and whether these people called strong?
  2. Is eternal true art or it’s just a subject of fashion?
  3. Can you forgive a betrayal of a loved one?
  4. Should I complain about fate, whether it is in our hands?
  5. Is it important to have close friends or it’s enough to have acquaintances?

Easy Argumentative Topics

  1. Internet trolls are real-life vampires.
  2. People with high self-esteem have higher chances to win.
  3. Google’s autocompleting functions uses negative stereotypes.
  4. Birth control pills should be more accessible.
  5. The govenment shouldn’t sponsor media.

For college

  1. Would the motivation for studying among the students raise if the college education were free?
  2. Should colleges offer degrees in sports?
  3. Is it necessary for students to get the opportunity try themselves in the prefered job, even if they have not enough experience?
  4. Would the education become fully remote during the time of developed technologies?
  5. Should students have a possibility to grade their teachers?

Topics Middle School

  1. Should schools сancel summer vacation?
  2. Is homework harmful to your health?
  3. What teacher do you appreciate?
  4. Teachers should use more cartoons to illustrate some new material.
  5. Celebrity worship syndrome is normal for teens.

Sports Topics

  1. Every worker should use a bike when he rides to his job.
  2. Cybersport is not exactly a kind of sport.
  3. Women shouldn’t go in for power lifting.
  4. Every day morning exercises are better than evening exercises.
  5. Schools should place more emphasis on sports instead of academics.

Research Topics

  1. Do the violent video games cause behavior problems?
  2. Must fashion be expensive and available only to specific people?
  3. Texting helps students improve their reading and writing skills.
  4. Modern technologies make people lazy.
  5. Self-plagiarism is non-sense.

Interesting Topics

  1. What is Love? What kind of love leads to a lasting relationship?
  2. Gay marriages are wrong they have not to be allowed.
  3. Parents should allow kids draw on the wall.
  4. Smoking can’t relieve stress.
  5. Creativity is a smart combination of ideas of others.

Controversial Topics

  1. Death sentence might be acceptable in some cases.
  2. A woman’s place is in the kitchen with children.
  3. Committing suicide should be made legal.
  4. Soft drugs should be legalized in every country.
  5. Foreigners shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Funny Topics

  1. All the blondes are stupid and they can’t take the high positions.
  2. In what age have students start to date?
  3. Cats are better than dogs.
  4. Slang is a special norm in communication.
  5. A Twilight Saga has got important philosophical messages.

Best Topics

  1. Same-sex couples have lower divorce rates than heterosexual. 
  2. California has the most beautiful girls.
  3. Every parent needs some personal time and space.
  4. Country’s climate has an influence on its people mentality.
  5. Virtual reality can be dangerous for everyone.

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Should the legal age to purchase tobacco be raised from 18 to 21?
  2. You won’t create a career if you care about family and vice versa.
  3. Do we need religion?
  4. Is it necessary to eat meat?
  5. Politics and church should be separate.

Education Topics

  1. Is a personal dislike to the teacher might be a compelling reason not to pass his subject?
  2. How Is big a problem of bullying or cyberbullying in your school or community?
  3. Extra-curricular activities increase students’ career prospects.
  4. The visiting of lections should be optional.
  5. The communication between students and professors in Facebook is okay.

Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it true that Americans are more likely to be overweight than other nationalities?
  2. Can vegetarian diets be healthy?
  3. Are diets harmful to teenagers?
  4. What is the best and long-termed method for people to lose weight, surgery or diets and physical exercises?
  5. Should schools promote better health in students by forbidding vending machines that sell sodas and different harmful snacks?
  6. Is weight gain caused by genetics, environmental problems, or some other factor?

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The process of cloning people has a lot of benefits.
  2. The race of your ancestors affects your intelligence.
  3. If you continue communicating with a person with AIDS, you will be sick too.
  4. Every woman is able to have a right to abortion.
  5. Does a healthy lifestyle help you to leave till hundred years

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