Learn to write a cause and effect essay: tips that cause efficiency

December 3, 2016

The success of your cause and effect essay depends on logic and coherence. Even if you want to master time traveling, science fictional movies suggest, you should know the relation between cause and effect. Start from something small. Learn how to prove your point through this type of essay.

Organization of a cause and effect essay

An essay of this type may take up 3 types of structure:

  • Related to the causes – the causes are listed in the introduction and described one by one from the least important to the most and vice versa
  • Related to the effects – the effects of something are described in sequence or arranged by their impact (from the most powerful to the least or vice versa)
  • Exploring the relationship between certain causes and given effects – this type of essay is usually structured in the same way as process narratives are (e.g., the process of cooking pasta).

Choosing a topic

Just like argumentative essays, cause and effect papers are not interesting without some challenge. That is, the connection between your cause and effect should not be evident. Holden Caulfield’s famous question about the birds that don’t swim in a winter lake is rhetorical – it does not need any answers. By contrast, you should give the answers, preferably controversial.

Historical events and large-scale problems of the contemporary society and environment are common topics of cause and effect essay writing. You can also focus on something closer, something less abstract, like the psychological effects of living in a dormitory.

Presenting your topic

Needless to say, a well-organized essay should be concise and contain transitions for the smooth flow. The reasoning that links events together should be clear. Explain if you want people to understand. When you’re just telling that lack of hygiene causes caries, define both of the terms and your personal vision of how they are connected.

Cause and effect essays resemble argumentative ones sometimes. That is why be attentive to the reaction of your potential audience. The case of homosexuality as an effect of the childhood deviation in the notion of some conservative physicians is instructive.

Keep in mind the interests of your audience.

How to conclude

The conclusion is not just a restatement of your thesis but rather the description of how the causes/effects/causes and effects you dealt with are related to your main problematic topic.

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